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Financial Literacy Survey Patrons

NFEC surveys can be customized to your needs. The surveys produce statistically significant data with a minimum 95% confidence interval. Reach validated, representative respondents with surveys that yield results designed for media headlines.

The NFEC uses inferred demographic and location information to employ stratified sampling methods for survey distribution. Age, gender, and parental status of anonymous respondents are used to match them to existing government statistical census data for the specific region. Survey results are weighted by inferred gender, age, and geography to make the sample as representative as possible of the Internet population.

The NFEC’s test results have been featured in Forbes, The Hill, Yahoo Finance, Business Insider and CNBC . More than 15,000 people from all 50 U.S. states have participated in our tests and surveys.

The NFEC conducted comprehensive demand- and supply-side surveys that involved more than 1,000 face-to-face interviews with rural poor farmers in Pakistan. The GAP assessment report delivered by the NFEC is guiding the Pakistani nationwide financial education campaign currently being rolled out to over half a million people.

Surveys & Testing

State Patron: Surveys are customized to your needs and produce statistically significant data with a minimum 95% confidence interval. Gather results from a three-question survey reaching a minimum of 200 people plus 200 per 1M population size.*

*Can increase sample size for higher confidence interval.


State Patron: Receive a webpage that highlights your sponsorship of the test and detailed results that include your company’s logo, a link to your webpage, and links to up to 2 social media pages. The webpage will be search engine optimized to highlight your sponsorship of the test in your state.

Online Marketing

Retargeted online ads featuring your organization’s State Sponsorship will garner 50,000 targeted impressions.

Electronic Communication

State Patron: Email communication sent to NFEC’s opt-in database of 30,000+ contacts that directs readers to visit the State Patron webpage featuring state sponsors.

Social Media  

State Patron: Posting and tweets reach the NFEC’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn followers.

Outreach Benefits

State Patron: Select NFEC partners, affiliates, and clients will be encouraged to promote the results of your sponsored state campaign.

Media Relations

State Patron: Provide your PR team with promotional resources, distribute preapproved press release, notify state-specific media outlets, and provide a direct point of contact to coordinate joint promotional efforts.

Marketing Materials

State Patron: Branded one-page information sheet and infographic resources highlighting your survey results.

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