Financial Foundation Decisions Test Results


Average Score of 73.52% to Date


Percentage of Passing Scores to Date


Δ: Change in Averages from 2019-2020: -1.08%

Please note that the average score for 15-18 year olds during is 58.67%

Participants to Date

You can take the test at the NFEC’s Financial Literacy Testing & Survey Center. Access 4 complimentary measurement tools, surveys, tests and to view results from past participants. NFEC clients can access the full Testing & Survey Center which includes over 50 online measurement tools.

Statistics by Answer

Question 1.

When you purchase a brand-new car..

Question 2.

The best time to shop for a car loan is…

Question 3.

How do you calculate the cost of renting a place to live in order to determine whether renting is an option for you?

Question 4.

What should you research and be prepared to pay prior to moving into a rental property?

Question 5.

Which loan term is best if you want to reduce the total amount you will repay over the life of the loan?

Question 6.

What is the most important financial consideration when deciding whether to take out a college loan?

Question 7.

Loan payments are based on:

Question 8.

If you are unable to pay off the entire balance you owe in credit card debt, the best way to pay off the balance is to _____.

Financial Foundation Decisions Test Results

“Results from this test show that most youth today venture out into the real world unprepared for the financial realities they will face. They lack the knowledge and confidence to make the most common financial decisions, which can lead to problems that snowball. Just a few mistakes early on can damage their credit, increase their debt load, and inhibit their ability to attain employment.”

– Vince Shorb, CEO
National Financial Educators Council