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PFSA – Edward Alston

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Edward Alston – Financial Education Consultant & Advocate

Personal Notes

PFSA Edward Alston

My journey towards obtaining an education in finance began when I became a student in Vanderbilt University’s start-up Graduate School of Management in Nashville, TN.  The included 2014 photo shows me (on the left) with the present Owen Graduate School of Management (OGSM), Dean Eric Johnson, during an alumni affair.  I was introduced as being the very first individual to receive a diploma as part of the first graduating class of Vanderbilt’s graduate school business program.

Since leaving graduate school, I have had many challenging, interesting, and rewarding experiences involving finance (both personal and business related).   I am confident I have something to share with those who have unfortunately been educationally under-served and consequently lack education that contributes to financial literacy.



Ed Alston has an undergraduate engineering degree from Howard University and MBA from Vanderbilt’s OGSM.  In college he played both varsity basketball and tennis. After college Ed proudly served as a USAF Captain and was a Bronze Star recipient during the Vietnam War.  As a former Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies at Tennessee State University, and Professorial Lecturer at Golden Gate University, his early class room teaching experience has helped him during his lifetime of assisting others to learn. He is extremely proud of being able to simplify the complex when teaching.

Ed Alston’s business accomplishments include starting and managing his own Atlanta, GA union shop mechanical contracting business (Alston Mechanical Contractors, Inc.) and also working for various major telecom corporations as an engineer, salesperson, and manager.  For more than 10 years Ed operated his own Los Angeles consulting firm (Telecom Education Consultants), training corporate and government personnel on various emerging telecom technologies (fiber optics, LANs, MANs, and WANs, and the new Internet using TCP/IP). His working career concluded after serving as Sr. VP of a Caribbean lottery company (LILHCO – Leeward Islands Lottery Holding Company) providing various lottery products and services on 11 Caribbean islands.  Ed was responsible for lottery computers, networks, and retail terminals.

Ed’s day to day observations of life in Los Angeles revealed a lack of personal financial literacy among African Americans, Latinos, and Asians. Upon discovering the need for knowledgeable individuals to help others with personal financial literacy, Ed became a Financial Education Consultant.  He now helps non-profit organizations implement Financial Literacy Programs. His entertaining, educational, and enjoyable seminar “The Big Five of Money” covers how money is earned, spent, borrowed, saved & invested, and protected. This unique seminar is highly regarded as a motivational tool that influences audiences to take action on obtaining education leading to personal financial literacy.  His seminar “The Wealth Cloud and Global Money Flow” also offers audiences new insights on money, and the benefits of financial literacy. Ed also consults, educates, trains, and provides coaching to family, friends, and select clients on stock market investing and Options trading.

Ed’s international travels include Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, and South America. He has been nationally ranked six times as a senior tennis player by the USTA, and won two national ATA tennis championships. Ed lives in Los Angeles, CA and presently maintains a single digit golf handicap. As a National Financial Educators Council — Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI), Ed Alston welcomes opportunities to work with non-profit organizations and support their Financial Literacy Programs.

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