Financial Education Collaborations

The NFEC works with dignitaries, athletes, and celebrity figures to promote financial wellness in communities across the country. The objective is to bring mainstream attention to the financial literacy movement while we help promote your advocacy efforts and personal projects.

The NFEC’s collaborative model is designed to support your personal, business, and philanthropic goals. At the same time, you promote an important cause – financial wellness. Our Dignitary Supporters receive:

Donations in your Name. Thousands of organizations have contacted the NFEC and applied to receive support for their financial literacy initiatives. The organization you choose will receive a comprehensive financial education campaign (provided complimentary under your name by the NFEC) and you receive credit for the donation via social media, press releases, newsletter articles, and other promotions.

Your Role: Select a school or nonprofit that applied to receive a financial literacy program. The NFEC covers the cost of programming – we donate a full financial education resource center in your name.

Speaking Opportunities. The NFEC has founded the first national speaker’s bureau for financial educators – the Personal Finance Speakers Association. You receive a customized webpage that highlights your photo and bio and features you as a financial literacy advocate. We actively promote our speakers and you may select speaking opportunities that meet your compensation requirements.

Your Role (optional): For advocates who seek public appearances – select opportunities that meet your terms.

Public Relations & Promotions. The NFEC conducts public relations campaigns and promotions that highlight your leadership and involvement in the financial literacy movement. We work with your PR team to ensure that messaging matches your brand; we also help promote other projects with which you are involved. Let us know when you need a project promoted and we will provide timely promotions on your behalf.

Your Role: Provide a quote and review the messages that will be included in the public relations and promotional campaign. Participate in joint promotional efforts via social media and public relations. Also inform us about any projects, initiatives, or messaging you would like to have included in the media campaign – we support your outside projects.

Revenue Opportunities. You or the nonprofit of your choice receive 15% of any donation, sale, or sponsorship generated directly by your participation. The NFEC assigns all influential partners a special tracking URL that tracks visits to our website. Donations or sales that arise from your unique URL will be automatically credited to your account. You can view progress in real time on your dashboard.

Your Role (optional): Simply use the link we provide when sharing information publicly.

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The financial literacy movement is at a tipping point. The NFEC is committed to raising mainstream awareness about efforts to build financial wellness. Financial education is a cure for many of the monetary problems people face today. Let’s work together with media outlets to inform citizens that education is the first step to achieving a state of financial wellbeing.