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Customizing the Look & Branding of Materials 2019-09-14T13:53:10-07:00

Custom Branded Financial Literacy Resources

The NFEC offers you a variety of custom branding options to ensure that your organization’s messaging is communicated in alignment with your objectives. This customization helps promote your organization and features your efforts to bring high-quality educational resources to your community.

If you already have a brand image, consider branding the resources to align with your look and feel. We provide a full brand experience – using your color scheme and logo to highlight your messaging. Check out the options below:

Looking for Advanced Customization Options?

Our advanced customization options include international/localization alignment, image alignment with your target market, adding custom lessons, and more. Contact us to learn about advanced options to create customized materials in a way that best meets your needs.

Curriculum Branding Options

Private Labeled Cover

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Full Private Labeled Curriculum

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Co-branded Curriculum

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Online Learning Center Branding Options

Basic OLC Branding Package

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Private Labeled OLC Branding Package

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Advanced Branding Package

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