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Accredited Financial Education Program

Distinguished financial education programs do not merely dispense knowledge; they mold and modify participants’ behavior to guide them toward financial wellness. To acknowledge quality programming that accomplishes this objective, the NFEC developed key outcome benchmarks. The NFEC’s Accredited Financial Education Program designation recognizes programs that meet key benchmarks and demonstrate empirical evidence of the courses impact on the longer-term financial behaviors of participants. The Accreditation demonstrates programming meets clear performance measures and provide organizations guidance for continued development of the coursework.

The goal of the Accredited Financial Education Program is to:

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The NFEC conducts two levels of performance review:

1) NFEC ‘Recognized Program’. A NFEC Recognized Program meets the standards set by the National Financial Literacy Framework and Standards as well as national standards set by 2 additional organizations.

2) Accredited Financial Education Program. An Accredited Financial Education Program not only meets national standards but demonstrates empirical evidence of the programs short-term impact on participant’s financial knowledge and longer-term impact on their financial behaviors.

Accredited Financial Education Program

Phase 1: NFEC Recognized Program

In the initial phase, the NFEC reviews program materials to ensure it aligns with industry standards. A report is issued that shows program alignment and suggestions on how the coursework can better meet learner standard guidelines. During this phase the NFEC:

  • Reviews the complete coursework – instructor guide, student guide and any included resources.
  • Compares the materials with set industry standards from 3 organizations – NFEC standards being one.
  • Provides a comprehensive report that lists the activities you offer and how they align with the standards.
  • At the successful completion of this phase you can say your program aligns with Standards set by the National Financial Educators Council and is a NFEC Recognized Program.
  • The NFEC provides pre-approved press release and social media promotions for joint promotions and features your organizations program online.
Accredited Financial Education Program

Phase 2: Accredited Financial Education Program

The second phase of program review measures the participant’s longer-term molding or modification of behaviors. The details of this review process vary depending on materials provided to the NFEC but may include:

  • Review testing and surveys results you organization has gathered.
  • Review longer-term measurements your organization has conducted.
  • Conducting full program for 100 participants and longer-term measurements (up to 1 year out) that demonstrate the programs impact.
  • Independent testing and survey conducted through our testing software.
  • Longer-term measurements developed by the NFEC that demonstrate behavior adaption or modification.

Each review process in this phase is different and a detailed plan is laid out after initial review of the materials and results submitted.

The Accredited Financial Education Program designation demonstrates programming meets performance measures set by the industry and public recognition of the coursework.

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