Financial Coaching Jobs Advertised by NFEC

Financial coaching jobs are available through the National Financial Educators Council, for highly-qualified people residing in specific locations. The NFEC is building its network of financial coaches and is looking for qualified candidates to serve existing clientele.

Financial Coaching Job Opportunities Through the NFEC

Financial coaches hired by the NFEC will receive placement matching them with clients in their local areas. Both full-time and part-time coaches are sought to serve individuals and organizations around the U.S.

We hire coaches to fulfil the needs of our corporate clients and individuals looking for coaching professionals.  These are contract financial coaching jobs and do not constitute employment through the NFEC.

All coaches placed by the NFEC must graduate from the Certified Personal Financial Consultant course. For those individuals who meet NFEC standards and are located in communities where we have received client requests, we connect you with these lead sources.

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Certified Personal Finance Consultants Fill Wide Range of Financial Coach Jobs

Do you have a passion for helping others? The National Financial Educators Council offers a program that helps people turn that passion into practice. The NFEC’s Certified Financial Education Consultants (CFECs) become a personal finance coach, with a deep understanding of money management matters and capability to impart personal finance skills to others in a variety of settings. This high-level training prepares CFECs to conduct a broad range of financial coach jobs, from individual-level consultation to large group audiences.

The CFEC program is far more than just an average financial coaching program. Graduates become qualified to participate in various activities that help move people and overall communities into a state of financial wellness. CFECs can handle financial coach jobs ranging from one-on-one consultation, to families in group accountability programs, to larger groups through live instruction or webinars. These graduates have all the tools they need to serve clients in ways that meet their needs and budgets. For example, NFEC Financial Coaches have access to a Client Management Platform, automated communication systems, planning software, and website resources. To become certified, these coaches completed more than 120 hours of practical exercises and coursework. They are qualified and committed to help others reach their financial goals.

If you’re interested in becoming certified and completing comprehensive financial coach training, visit the NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor page. The NFEC helps graduates build a financial coaching businesses helping people work toward financial wellness by offering all the training, marketing, and promotional materials they need. This opportunity gives people who feel passionate about helping others the chance to translate that passion into positive action. In addition, the NFEC will help you turn your financial coach certification into a recognized business.