Financial Coach Job Description

The National Financial Educators Council offers financial coach positions for well-qualified individuals in certain areas. The NFEC, in an effort to expand its financial coaching network, is seeking qualified coaches to serve its growing client base.

Financial coaches are placed by the NFEC with clients in their local regions. Both full-time and part-time financial coach positions are available, to serve both individual and organizational clients across the U.S.

To be matched with clients by the NFEC, all coaches must graduate from the Certified Personal Financial Consultant program. Those people who meet NFEC standards and live in areas where we’ve received client requests may receive a full scholarship to take the coursework.

NFEC Coaching Job Description

The NFEC will consider those candidates for financial coaching job position that demonstrate they have the content knowledge and andragogy capabilities to give clients education and assistance, guiding them to take confident and effective actions toward increasing their financial wellbeing and fulfilling their financial goals.

The coach’s roles are to: gain comprehensive understanding of clients’ financial situations by empirically analyzing their financial documents; identify their needs and goals; define clear objectives; prioritize actions; offer guidance, education, and accountability; and support clients toward greater financial health and security.

Duties & Qualifications

  • Conduct client financial coaching through one-on-one, couple, or small-group sessions.
  • Competently assess clients’ current financial situations through review of their tax returns, accounts, credit reports, etc.
  • Have clear understanding of how to ascertain clients’ income, assets, debt, and credit scores by reviewing their financial records.
  • Demonstrated ability to calculate financial health markers (debt-to-income ratio, net worth, etc.).
  • Ability to document results, conduct accurate measurements, and generate outcome reports.
  • Must have the necessary skill sets to empathize with clients about their financial situations, while also providing motivation and moving clients toward positive action.
  • Clearly define financial coaching and has a deep knowledge of a financial coaches role.
  • Must possess the content knowledge required to give clients high-quality and timely financial education.
  • Effective communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal; and excellent writing skills.
  • Teach financial education materials to individuals and groups in alignment with financial coaching standards.
  • Financial coaches must have passed the Certified Personal Financial Consultant program and a criminal background check.

Financial Coach Job Description? Educate, Support, and Offer Unbiased Advice

As our country slowly recovers from the Great Recession of 2008, many people are actively seeking help with financial planning and preparedness so they can meet any future economic downturns head-on. Others who feel passionate about helping their neighbors and fellow citizens are pursuing a path toward becoming certified as financial educators, so they can build financial capability among their community members. The National Financial Educators Council has a program that trains Certified Financial Education Consultants (CFECs) to be well-qualified financial life coaches. This article describes the financial coach job description and outlines what it takes to become one.

The NFEC is an independent financial literacy organization with a social enterprise business model. The council provides a variety of financial education services across all stages of a financial literacy program. The NFEC’s financial coaching programs include over 120 hours of practical, hands-on coursework that prepares participants to undertake financial coach jobs of all sizes and scopes. They become capable of handling individual one-on-one financial counseling sessions, family and group accountability programs, and large group instruction via classroom or auditorium settings and/or webinars.

What is financial coaching? First, a financial coach will place initial focus on understanding an individual’s current situation and future plans, and prepare a custom comprehensive report. They take a holistic approach to this analysis. That means they form the hub around which all your financial activities can be organized, including your accounts, assets, properties, retirement planning, and investing, so all your advisors stay on track toward meeting your future goals.

The NFEC provides financial education materials upon which your financial fitness coach will draw throughout the process. The more knowledge you have, the more secure you will feel in your decisions – and a timely financial education will give you that confidence.

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