Financial Counselor Job Description

Financial counseling jobs are available through the National Financial Educators Council, for qualified people in select locations. We are looking to build our network of financial counselors, and therefore seek well-qualified individuals to serve our clients.

The NFEC places its counselors with clients in their communities of residence. We are looking for full-time and part-time counselors to serve clients – both individuals and organizations – around the United States.

In order to receive placement, all counselors must pass the Certified Personal Financial Consultant course – and if you meet our standards and reside in areas where we have client requests, you are eligible for a full scholarship.


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NFEC Counseling Job Description

Candidates are sought who possess the content knowledge and andragogy skills to provide clients with education and guidance to take confident, effective action toward financial actions that best fulfill their personal finance goals.

Your role is to discover the client’s current financial situation through empirical analysis of their financial records; clarify their needs; define clear goals and objectives; prioritize action steps; provide education, guidance, and accountability; and support clients to work toward a state of financial wellness and security.

Duties & Qualifications

  • Deliver financial counseling sessions with clients either one-on-one, as couples, or in small groups.
  • Review clients’ current financial situations by competently reviewing and assessing their tax returns, credit reports, and other financial records.
  • Understand how to determine clients’ income, assets, debt, and credit scores by reviewing their financial information.
  • Demonstrated competency to calculate financial health ratios (debt-to-income, net worth, etc.).
  • Document results, conduct measures, and produce outcome reports.
  • Possess the skill sets needed to exhibit empathy with clients’ situations, while also motivating and moving clients to take positive action.
  • Possess the necessary content knowledge to provide clients with sound financial education.
  • Be a highly-effective communicator – both verbally and non-verbally – and possess good writing skills.
  • Capable to teach financial education programs to groups and individuals.
  • Financial counselors must pass the Certified Personal Finance Consultants coursework and a criminal background check.