Locate Top-Grade Financial Coaching Services

Those seeking financial coaching services will do well to choose a coach from the national network available through the NFEC. These Certified Personal Finance Consultant meet top-tier industry standards, have proven track records, and have a passion for helping others meet their personal finance goals. How? By evaluating their current situations, defining clear objectives, prioritizing actions, and offering education, guidance, accountability, and ongoing support toward financial health and wellbeing.

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Financial Coaching Services – Standards and Qualifications

Anyone can offer financial coaching services. But NFEC Certified Personal Finance Coaches (CPFCs) have proven they meet top standards in the industry. These financial coaches are responsible to you and must act for your benefit. Not only must they pass educational requirements, rigorous tests, and background checks, but they also must have demonstrated coaching ability. They are mandated to conduct supervised coaching practice, document their hours, and record results. These standards are drawn from several industries: 1) education, 2) consumer protection, 3) coaching, and 4) psychology/counseling. We used these guidelines because a coach deals with money, which evokes deep emotional responses – and the coach must provide education, accountability, and guidance to help people work toward financial wellness.

Development of financial coaching services Policies

Financial Coaching Services Competitive Analysis

Typical Financial Coaching Services Offer

Talk – that’s the typical offering of average financial coaching services. A systematic Google search employing keywords ‘financial coaching’ and ‘financial counseling’ called up 137 websites in the first 50 pages of results; 26 of those had clearly-stated pricing/packaging data. Upon reviewing those 26, we found that direct coach contact was offered by all of them (by phone usually; some email options). Educational materials were included in several packages, and just a few delivered personalized financial plans. NFEC coaches have earned their financial coach certification and provide an extensive array of services, each of which is aimed at helping you improve your personal finance capability.

Management of financial coaching services Reasonings

Development of Initial Plan

How do financial coaching services work? That was the question Amy – a current client – asked. The answer is that the process works in phases and financial coaching can be delivered online or in person. At the first stage, the coach will conduct a financial analysis in a discovery meeting, to fully understand your financial profile, lifestyle requirements, and goals. All Amy’s records were reviewed – her credit, debt, income, assets, insurance – everything that went into her current financial state. Then the coach delivered Amy’s Initial Personal Financial Report with prioritized actions.

Universal financial coaching services Applications

Planning for financial coaching services Choices

Detailed Education Path

At Phase 2, Amy’s financial coaching services consisted of regular consultations and education. Through regularly-scheduled meetings, Amy got education, planning, resources, and training tailored to her specified needs. Gradually her ability to make informed financial decisions grew. The coach stayed up-to-date on Amy’s progress and gave her written reports; she supplied data ongoing to guide revisions to her plan.

Financial Coaching Services that Grow with You

Financial coaching services can take a supportive role once the client’s initial priorities are addressed. For Amy, that was when she had developed a workable budget and was on track with her savings and retirement goals. But when Amy decided to buy a house, the first thing she did was call her coach – who was right on hand with the education and resources Amy needed.

Specific Financial Industry Expertise Available

Phase 4 of the financial coaching services process is where clients can receive specific support from advanced-level experts in the areas aligned with their life stages. NFEC-certified consultants support you in developing a financial foundation, and also connect you with industry experts specializing in certain areas – like real estate, retirement planning, or higher education funding. And the NFEC expert team is 100% independent – no financial products ever sold or marketed! Their core financial coaching business is centered around their fiduciary responsibility to you.

Arrangement of financial coaching services Scopes