Financial Education Program Consultation

The New Year is quickly approaching, and Financial Literacy Month is only four months away. This is a busy time of year, when people’s focus shifts to planning next year’s programs. Decisions about how to deliver training, overall program design, and how to measure program impact are at top of mind right now for many people.

Finding efficient ways for you to start or expand your financial literacy programs is what we do. Our programming consultants offer complimentary consultations to share strategies that can help your program make a meaningful difference in others’ lives, and the best tactics to make your program scalable.

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UPDATE 12/18/2018 @ 10:17pm: Due to demand appointments will now be accepted until January 4th at 2pm PST.

Among the vast array of financial literacy programs that have cropped up over the past decade, few – if any – can claim to draw upon solid evidence indicating best practices for financial education. Many programs are one-dimensional, fail to align with larger objectives, and lack an overall campaign strategy.

Programs designed by qualified experts are built with purpose. All the campaign components work together to promote financial literacy and to further your business objectives. In well-designed programs, the flow of information and built-in promotional components lead to greater overall campaign results.

The NFEC has designed campaigns ranging from small classroom programs to nationwide efforts that serve more than half a million people. During the consultation call, our team guides you through the development process, ensuring its alignment with your educational, philanthropic, and organizational objectives at every step.

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