Turnkey Financial Education Package Details

Without the NFEC’s Support, Developing a High-quality Financial Program Requires Substantial Money, Time, and Personnel with Specialized Experience.

We Make It Easier, Faster, and Cheaper for Individuals and Organizations to Bring a High-quality Financial Education Program that Makes a Meaningful Difference to their Community.

Our mission is to make top-quality financial education programming more accessible. We do so by providing all the resources individuals and organizations need to develop, deploy, and scale comprehensive financial education programming.

We provide you the training, resources, and expertise to build an effective financial literacy program that makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the people you teach; while reducing the cost, time, and personnel required to build an effective, scalable financial education program.

Financial Education Programming Challenges

To address the epidemic of widespread personal financial problems, financial literacy programs are sprouting up in communities across the country. Passionate individuals and organizations are dedicating their efforts to helping others; but are encountering substantial challenges to create a program that makes a measurable difference.

The problem is, developing a program costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even just creating one simple marketing piece can run a few hundred dollars. Besides the large cost of developing a program, it takes many years to have something ready to roll out. And even then, it will take more years of testing and revision to deliver results.

That’s where the NFEC comes in – we have done the work for you. We can provide turnkey solutions for anyone looking for a high-quality financial education program.

Development Time & Cost to Build an ‘Average’ Financial Education Program 


NFEC Turnkey Financial Education Program

Without NFEC Support: What You Would Need to Develop & Steps Necessary

Phase 1: Foundation

Hire or Train Financial Education Instructors & Program Directors

Build Research-based Resources that Align with Your Audience

Hire or Train People to Build a Financial Education Program Plan

Phase 2: Execution

Develop User Experience Resources, Marketing, Signage, Registration Site

Build Ongoing Education Resources & Participant Recognition Program

Develop Measurement Tools & How to Report Results

Phase 3: Growth

Create a Clear Business & Funding Model to Obtain Resources

Build Business Aspects of Programming Systems & Infrastructure

Design Revenue & Funding Proposals, Invoices, & Communications

The NFEC Provides You All the Financial Education Resources You Need to Build a Quality Program.  This Save You Time, Money and Help You Build a Positive Reputation.

No matter the size or scope, the NFEC supports your efforts with scalable financial education programming. From single workshops to large ongoing initiatives, we provide turnkey financial education program resources, training and support that are proven to deliver results.  These tools are available to any individual or organization that desires high-quality financial education programming.

The NFEC is an IRS-recognized Benefits Corporation that has supported the development of 2,500+ programs over the last decade. We help individuals and organizations reduce the cost and time needed to develop programming, while providing the tools and training that increase program impact. Our resources and programming processes have been used by tens of thousands of organizations, including:

Turnkey Financial Literacy Packages, Pricing & Purchasing Options

The NFEC helps organizations reach more people with financial education programming and deliver better results. How? By reducing the cost, time, and personnel required to build an effective, scalable financial education program.

By now you understand that it takes more than just someone reading curriculum to lead financial literacy programs. We empower you with the systems, resources, and expertise that optimize financial education program development and reduce barriers to entry – lowering the cost per impact and increasing the ability for programs to scale.

Pre-assembled Packages

The NFEC offers resources a-la-carte or as a full turnkey package that includes all the materials, training and systems to deliver quality financial literacy programming.

*Save 30% to 54% off a-la-cart pricing. Scroll to bottom for pricing.

A la Carte OptionsEssential PackageAdvanced PackageProfessional PackageEnterprise Package
Training & Professional Development
Certified Financial Education Instructor Training (CFEI)$2971 Person2 People4 People8 People
Program Director Training (CFEC)$1,9951 Person Trained as Director1 Person Trained as Director
Certified Personal Finance Coach Training (CPFC)$1,9951 Person Trained as Coach
Support Personnel Training$1491 Person5 Person10 Person
Financial Education Resources
Currciulum & Presentations$4951 Age Group / 150 Student Licenses2 Age Groups / 500 Student LicensesAll 3 Age Groups / 750 Student LicensesAll 3 Age Groups / 1000 Student Licenses
Online Learning Program$4.95 to $9.95 each depending on volume25 Student Licenses100 Student Licenses200 Student Licenses500 Student Licenses
Online Learning Management System$995 Annually
Ongoing Education System$995 Annually250 Student Licenses500 Student Licenses750 Student Licenses1000 Student Licenses
Automated Ongoing Education DistributionAvailable in Packages Only
Mobile Learning AccessAvailable in Packages Only
Social Media Education Campaign$995 Annually4 Posts Annually24 Posts Annually52 Posts Annually104 Posts Annually
Program Design & Approval
Discovery Resources
Basic Discovery TrainingAvailable to All Clients
Full Program Discovery Training & CommunicationsAvailable in Packages Only
Program Exploration Presentation & ScriptAvailable in Packages Only
Defining Program Outcomes
Basic Define Outcome Training & Measurement ToolsAvailable to All Clients
Full Program Development TrainingAvailable in Packages Only
Online Data Gathering SystemAvailable in Packages Only
Design Resources
Basic Design TrainingAvailable to All Clients
Education Standards GuideAvailable to All Clients
Full Program Development & Budget TrainingAvailable in Packages Only
Solution Presentation & ScriptAvailable in Packages Only
User Experience Resources
Pre-programming Package
Basic Pre-programming Training & Marketing ResourcesAvailable in Packages Only
Full Pre-programming TrainingAvailable in Packages Only
Full Marketing & Partner Activation ResourcesAvailable in Packages Only
Implementation Resources
Basic Décor Package & Event ChecklistAvailable in Packages Only
Full Décor PackageAvailable in Packages Only
Educational HandoutsAvailable in Packages Only
Post-programming Resources
Certification Templates & Communications$9951 Design2 DesignFull Certificate LibraryFull Certificate Library
Measurement & Reporting Package
Learner Measurement Tools
Testing & Survey BankIncluded in Any Curricula
Long-term Outcome SurveysAvailable in Packages Only
Online Data Gathering SystemAvailable in Packages Only
Organization Measurement Resources
Organization Measure TrainingAvailable in Packages Only
Organization Measurement ToolsAvailable in Packages Only
Case Study Reporting
Report Development Training & Basic TemplateAvailable to All Clients
Complete Report TemplateAvailable in Packages Only
Report Delivery CommunicationsAvailable in Packages Only
Business & Funding Resources
Mission, Brand & Target Market
Basic Brand & Target Market TrainingAvailable in Packages Only
Positioning ResourcesAvailable in Packages Only
Marketing & Promotions$9951 Design4 DesignsFull Template LibraryFull Template Library
Online Presence
Speaker's WebpageAvailable in Packages Only
Organization Spotlight WebpageAvailable in Packages Only
Online Promotion ParticipationAvailable in Packages Only
Funding Foundation & Execution
Basic Funding TrainingAvailable in Packages Only
Full Funding Training & Sponsorship FormsAvailable in Packages Only
Pricing & Invoicing SystemAvailable in Packages Only
NFEC Support
Personal Phone ConsultationsAvailable to All Clients30 Minute Call via Appointment After Training4 - 30 Minute Calls via Appointment3 Hours Total Calls via Appointment6 Hours Total Calls via Appointment
Program Review & GuidanceAvailable in Packages Only30 Minute Program Review or Design Support2 Hours Program Review or Design Support3 Hours Program Review or Design Support
Resource UpdatesAvailable to All ClientsIncludedIncludedPriority UpdatesPriority Updates
Resource Branding Options
Curriculum Branding$495 / $1,995Basic BrandingFull Branding
OLC & Online Measurement Branding$1,995 / $4,995Basic BrandingFull Branding
Marketing, Promotions, & Other Resource BrandingAvailable in Packages OnlyDIY - Add your logoDIY - Add your logoFull Branding
Annual Renewal Starting Year Two: $197Annual Renewal Starting Year Two: $495Annual Renewal Starting Year Two: $1,495Annual Renewal Starting Year Two: $3,995