Teaching Financial Literacy to High School Teachers

Teacher Slider Teaching Financial Literacy to High School Teachers

Penn State University brought the NFEC out to their campus to train high school teachers in the tri-state area.  The teaching financial literacy courses served educators from over 20 high schools and the program received excellent reviews.

Several of the teachers that had not yet shared financial literacy lessons with their students have vowed to start.  They felt more comfortable with the topics and how to deliver the material effectively.  Plus they received a copy of the NFEC’s financial literacy curriculum – Financial Capability Curriculum and Real Money Experience Student Guides – that provided them the guidance needed to improve their confidence in  personal finance material.

The NFEC is launching their Financial Literacy Curriculum High School Edition to support the educators and volunteers that are providing life skills training to our students. This comprehensive program will include all the material needed to effectively promote, teach and measure the impact of the educational outreach program.