Steffa Mantilla

Financial Services Professional & Financial Literacy Advocate

Steffa Mantilla, Personal Finance Speaker

Personal Notes

Growing up in a military family, I’m used to moving every few years. This instability can be tough on your finances since your job is constantly changing. As a woman, most of the financial advice you find is written by and geared towards men. I’m here to help explain the basic pillars of personal finance in a comfortable and judgement-free way. If you’re in a ton of debt, no worries, I’ve been there myself. I’ve walked the hard walk of getting out of debt and turning my financial future around and will help you do the same.


Steffa is an NFEC Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI) and the founder of the personal finance website Money Tamer. She aggressively paid off over $80,000 in debt and now teaches others how they can get their finances under control to do the same. Steffa has been featured as a financial expert in top publications including NerdWallet, The Simple Dollar, Bankrate, The Balance, and more.