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Sponsor Financial Education Research

Sponsor Financial Education Research

Data-driven promotions support the industry and mainstream core financial literacy messages. The objective of data gathering is to share best practices with the financial education industry, keep media outlets informed of the latest information, and help individuals improve their financial capabilities.


The NFEC’s financial education research is focused on 3 core areas:

  • Educator Standards and Best Practices: Framework for Teaching Personal Finance

  • Learner Standards and Development of Learning Outcomes: Financial Literacy Learner Standards

  • Best Practices of Building Sustainable and Scalable Programming: National Financial Capability Strategy


Our patrons’ contributions support the overall financial literacy movement and help our partners receive recognition via media outlets, academic, and trade publications.

Sponsors can participate based on one hour research time increments. Last year’s average of $68 covers one hour of research from independent parties that have expertise in the specific project. 100% of all monies will go directly to the project you select.

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* Those that sponsor over $1,000 can select the project they wish to sponsor. Patrons above $2,500 in sponsorships will also receive an audited report of how their monies were used.

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