Sponsor Financial Education Programming

Patrons can participate in a variety of promotional campaigns that raise awareness for financial literacy and highlight your efforts.  All campaigns advocacy campaigns and financial literacy promotions include innovative marketing, promotional efforts and direct outreach methods to support our Patrons objectives.  Select organizations are invited to participate in these campaigns:

Financial Educators Day

Financial Educators Day recognizes those individuals who are working to improve the financial capabilities of people in their communities. While taking the opportunity to recognize traditional educators, we also extend our thanks to volunteers, financial professionals, concerned citizens, and others who teach financial literacy. All these individuals are invaluable to the effort. This also includes Financial Education Instructor of the Year award.
State Sponsorship Package includes:

Each year the National Financial Educators Council honors an outstanding financial educator by presenting him or her with the coveted Financial Education Instructor of the Year Award. The NFEC Financial Education Instructor of the Year award is set aside to recognize a single individual who has made markedly significant contributions to promoting financial wellness over the previous year.

Cash For Candy Campaign – State Sponsor

To address the financial illiteracy epidemic and improve wellness, the National Financial Educators Council developed the #CashForCandy campaign. This campaign raises awareness about the importance of molding healthy dietary and financial habits. In its inaugural year, this campaign was featured as the main story on CBS MarketWatch, front page MSN News, and as a Wall Street Journal feature and podcast, and was picked up by many other media outlets. Cash for Candy Sponsor Package includes:

FLEC: Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Career Education

FLEC subjects have a direct impact on the future financial security of our nation’s youth. Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship & Career Education are directly related to young people’s ability to earn and manage their money; yet they are missing from most school curricula. Goals of the alliance are to make FLEC education a national priority and promote this agenda so future generations become financially prepared for life. To learn more about FLEC, please click here.

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