SavingsFund – Kids Savings Initiative 

The NFEC developed SavingsFund to help families secure their children’s future by providing an easy way for loved ones to donate money toward a child’s long-term savings goals. This is the first and only crowdfunding platform that offers families a way to start saving for their children’s college, financial security, or retirement while also giving kids a comprehensive financial education.

SavingsFund was developed using investment proceeds yielded by the NFEC’s social enterprise business model. Schools, nonprofit organizations, and other community groups can leverage this platform to raise funds for their organization as they help the people they serve secure their financial futures.

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Savings & Education Details

SavingsFund was developed to help families start saving money for their children while simultaneously sharing financial education lessons with them. There are two items on which almost every financial professional can agree: 1) people should start saving as young as possible, and 2) people need financial education. SavingsFund provides both.

The SavingsFund platform provides an easy way for loved ones to give money to a child and help him or her move toward long-term savings goals. Whether the goal is attending college or getting an early start on retirement, SavingsFund provides a platform for families to receive financial gifts for holidays, the child’s birthdays and accomplishments.

SavingsFund provides comprehensive financial education resources to teach vital money management lessons. Registration is free and everyone who registers receives the NFEC’s Financial EduNation Campaign resources—comprehensive personal finance material for kids and families. As they reach savings milestones, the NFEC also provides timely financial education to answer their immediate needs for financial knowledge.



The NFEC has included promotions within the SavingsFund platform to expand the reach of this kids’ savings campaign. Traditional marketing, public relations, and viral features are utilized to reach more families with the SavingsFund message.

Promotional messages focus on encouraging families to start saving early and teach their kids about money. Parents in turn can influence their peers to become aware of the valuable service SavingsFund provides. The long-term objective is that families will adopt positive financial habits that can make a lasting difference in their children’s futures.



The NFEC created SavingsFund to help schools and nonprofit organizations raise funds and generate awareness while offering youth a practical financial education. SavingsFund provides nonprofit organizations, schools, and community groups a turnkey fundraising and awareness system. It requires minimal personnel and all materials are included complimentary.

Select organizations can raise funds in two ways: by receiving a percentage of every gift given, or lump sum awards through sponsors. This flexibility helps organizations develop sustainable financial education outreach initiatives to accomplish their fundraising and educational objectives.

The NFEC also provides turnkey promotional material to organizations. Simply leverage the marketing pieces and pre-written emails to encourage children to receive long-term savings gifts for presents. Generating awareness helps groups connect with potential funding opportunities, garner media coverage, build community relationships, and attract volunteer support.

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