Road to Retirement Presentation

The NFEC’s Road to Retirement Presentation is designed to help people plan toward reaching a state of financial security. This program provides people the knowledge needed to effectively plan for their future. The objective is to help participants achieve a state of lasting financial security.

This coursework is commonly delivered through workplaces, nonprofits, and religious organizations that have a desire to improve the financial capabilities of those they serve. The training can be delivered by the NFEC or by individuals who have completed the Certified Financial Education Instructor coursework. The Road to Retirement course often is taught by financial professionals (financial advisors, insurance representatives, real estate professionals, etc.) and people who have a passion for teaching personal finance.

Retirement Presentation

Curriculum & Presentations – All Ages

The NFEC offers engaging, fun and interactive curriculum for all ages – kids, teens, and adults. Over 400 hours of presentation material accommodates a variety of educational goals and formats.

Customized & Private-labeled Retirement Presentation

Customized & Private-labeled Presentations

The NFEC provides a full range of customized financial literacy programming and promotions to meet your needs. The NFEC can create new programs or modify existing materials to meet the needs of our supporters.

Financial Literacy Framework & Standards for Retirement Presentation

Financial Literacy Framework & Standards

Review big ideas and content standards designed to encourage the highest achievement by participants. Complimentary interactive website helps you understand the skills needed to improve one’s financial capabilities.

The Road to Retirement – Retirement Planning Presentations

The Road to Retirement series offers three comprehensive presentation units, including:

  • Retirement Planning & Investments. This 6-8 hour course can be delivered as hour-long lunch-and-learns or as a full day workshop—the modular format makes it easy to cover the topics you select. Participants who graduate this coursework will have the foundation of a long-term financial plan in place and advanced knowledge about retirement planning.
  • Insurance. This comprehensive insurance presentation covers life, disability, and long-term care insurance. Workbooks were written by Tony Steuer, CLU, LA, CPFFE and Director of Financial Preparedness for United Policyholders. Forbes named Tony’s Life Insurance Workbook among their top 9 great investment books.
  • Adult Foundation Package. The NFEC’s Building Your Financial Foundation financial literacy for adults program is designed to help people build a solid financial foundation and/or recover from current financial circumstances. This coursework covers the basic personal finance lessons needed to improve financial situations.


Features of the Personal Finance Presentations

The adult financial education curriculum package offers you a turnkey solution for your programming needs. The material meets educational standards while offering practical tools and lessons. Some of the features include:

  • Independent & Conflict Free: The Road to Retirement coursework is 100% independent and not affiliated with any financial institution. Freedom from conflict helps employers and financial professionals that serve employers comply with ERISA and Department of Labor regulations.
  • Interactive Training: The coursework is built around helping participants develop a clear financial plan. They take part in activities that start the planning process while gaining the education that takes them to the next level toward achieving financial security.
  • Real World Activities that Meet Educational Standards: The Road to Retirement course meets college-level educational standards while being practical in nature.
  • Modular Design: The financial literacy programs for adults were created in a modular format to accommodate various schedules and delivery methods. Organizations have used this material for workshops, one-on-one training, boot camp-style trainings, and a variety of other formats.
  • Design Team: The NFEC’s Curriculum Advisory Board contributed to the development of the material. This group of educators, financial professionals, and financial education experts created coursework to which the target audience can relate and that helps them achieve their financial objectives.


Road to Retirement Presentation Details

This campaign provides comprehensive solutions to your event marketing needs. The package includes turnkey presentations (instructor’s guide, student guides, PowerPoint, testing, surveys) and marketing material. All presentations in the Road to Retirement course include:

  • Instructors and Student Guide. The complete coursework provides detailed instructors’ and student guides. The lesson plans are broken down into modules so they can fit any class length and programming goals.
  • PowerPoint Presentations. The presentations are aligned with the lesson plans and student guides to make it easy for the instructor to conduct the class and for students to follow along. The visually appealing PowerPoint includes pictures and bullet points to keep the class interested.
  • Testing and Surveys. Detailed surveys, pre- and post- testing are provided to help you quantify the impact of your adult financial literacy training. These data will prove important when seeking funding and setting course objectives.

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