Initial Reactions to ‘The Talk’ Financial Literacy PSA  

thetalk_financial_literacy_PSA PSA Blog‘The Talk’ Financial Literacy PSA was developed to get parents to talk to their kids about money and to raise awareness about the financial literacy movement. Within a few hours of the website going live, the NFEC received some positive compliments and also some concerns. We at the NFEC appreciate everyone’s opinion and set up this PSA blog so you can share your thoughts with us.

We greatly appreciate the concern expressed by several over the safety of the children in the “Jaywalk” and “Train” PSA pictures. Rest assured they were completely safe. The girl crossing the street actually had holes in her blindfold that were filled in during post-editing. Her mom was walking in front of her and grandmother behind her. On the Train PSA, the train was superimposed in post-editing, we had spotters watching the tracks, and we knew the train schedule.

Overall, we have had a great response from the campaign. From the initial response, we are excited that it may help us accomplish our objectives of raising awareness and having parents talk to their kids about money.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, concerns and ideas below.