Learn Money Management Tips for College Students from the NFEC

A profession sharing Money Management Tips for College Students

Are you a college administrator or instructor looking for money management tips for college students? The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) has an entire range of financial literacy programs available for students at the college level. And these resources are designed not only to educate students, but to accomplish a diverse set of university objectives too.

Universities and colleges may choose to deliver money management for college students in a variety of formats. The NFEC has designed a cutting-edge financial literacy curriculum age-appropriate for college. In addition, this social enterprise organization has a comprehensive set of resources from one-hour workshops to high-visibility campus-wide events. These materials can be presented as standalone classes or combined to maximize impact and reach.

Schools all over the country now have the opportunity to teach their students how to manage money in college. While learning personal finance skills has clear advantages to the students, not all administrators are aware how financial literacy programs can benefit the college as well. For example, when they learn money management, college students are much more likely to graduate. And higher graduation rates are appealing to parents and prospective students, potentially boosting future enrollment.

Undertaking a financial literacy campaign on campus also can help schools earn community recognition and respect. And this type of attention may translate into key partnerships with companies, community groups, or granting agencies that can have massive benefit to the school. Opportunities to raise funds that will help ensure the sustainability of a money management program may arise. Furthermore, media coverage for the program will build awareness about the financial literacy movement while it enhances the reputation of the school. All in all, contacting the NFEC for more information could open many doors for colleges and universities.