Free eBook Offers Practical Tools for Using LinkedIn to get into the College of your Dreams

For high school students aspiring to attend college or university soon, and/or parents helping teens through those daunting college applications, author Troy D. White provides a solution. In his new eBook, LinkedIn to College: Use LinkedIn to get into your Dream College, White equips young people with a practical toolkit that can help them stand out from the college applicant crowd.

In this free eBook White, an educational marketer, makes a convincing case for college hopefuls to use the online professional network LinkedIn to facilitate the application process. Since relatively few teens currently use LinkedIn, he argues, just having a profile on the platform will immediately set a high school student apart. And the components of a LinkedIn profile are the same pieces of information needed to complete a college application, so the network works as “a dynamic filing cabinet for all of your accomplishments and essential application information, ready to activate whenever you need it.

LinkedIn to College gives a step-by-step guide for potential collegians to use LinkedIn in three key ways: to promote accomplishments, connect with the right people, and locate a dream college that’s really the right fit. White explains how youth can build and optimize a LinkedIn profile that showcases their talents, demonstrates their long-term educational goals, and presents their best professional image to the world. LinkedIn also offers opportunities to start building a network of people who can help with challenging decisions, like choosing a major and career path.

White’s book is getting attention from around the country: “We commend Mr. Troy White for making this comprehensive guide to using LinkedIn as a tool to helping college hopefuls, and for making this available free,” said Vince Shorb, CEO of the National Financial Educators Council. This practical guide may be an essential piece for many of today’s youth to navigate the college application maze and jumpstart their professional success.



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