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Lemonade Freedom Day Activities for Families

The NFEC commends your efforts to teach children about money with ‘The Lemonade Stand’ project based learning activity.

Lemonade stands are a great way to teach kids about money and business. As a part of the NFEC’s Financial EduNation Campaign, The Lemonade Stand activity is provided complimentary. Simply click the link below and receive all the resources complimentary.

Lemonade Stand – Parents & Instructors Guide

Lemonade Stand – Kids Student guide

Lemonade Stand – Additional Resources

August 18th 2012 is Lemonade Freedom Day and it makes a great day to start a lemonade stand business with your kids or those youth you influence. Spend a half-day having fun with your kids while you teach the valuable lessons that can have a lasting positive impact in their life.

We invite you to access the other complimentary resources offered through the NFEC’s Financial EduNation Campaign by visiting the free personal finance page.