Holiday Gift Giving Survey

In a recent NFEC survey, when asked, “What gift would you most like to receive this holiday season?” about 30% of respondents stated a preference to receive money for savings, paying down debt, or need-based purchases. Survey results indicated that a total of 46.1% of respondents would prefer no gifts.

On average, people tend to overspend during the holiday season: a Coinstar survey found that 77% of those surveyed expected to exceed their holiday spending budgets, and only 37% had a plan to implement a post-holiday budget to recover from overspending. As a Consumer Affairs survey states, “Many households are adding to existing high-interest credit card debt, with around 57 percent of respondents saying they expected to go into holiday debt” (

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Survey Results: What gift would you most like to receive this holiday season?

1,100 Respondents in December, 2020


No Gifts


Money for Needs (Ex – Groceries, Retirement, Pay Down Debt)


Traditional Gifts or Money for Wants (Ex – Massage)

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