Two Financial Education Books Stand Out to Advise Ordinary Citizens about Money

People looking for straightforward advice about handling their personal finances need look no further than two financial education books recently recommended by a group of financial professionals. The first is Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth by Nick Murray. The second is The Money Book for the Young, Fabulous and Broke by Suze Orman.

In his testimonial for Murray’s Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth, Jeff Bogart of Sila Wealth Advisory in Mayfield Heights, OH says, “Nick explains the markets, economic concepts and risk in layman’s terms. In fact he turns the concept of risk on its ear by showing the risk of not being in stocks.”

“The title says it all,” adds Ed Snyder of Oaktree Financial Advisors, Inc. in Carmel, IN. As a CFP with more than 20 years experience helping families with their finances, Snyder says, “The author simplifies the case for why you should invest in stocks for long-term goals, and if you do you can achieve the freedom that wealth brings.” The basis of Murray’s book is that, without investing, people will be unable to accumulate enough money to provide a retirement income that they will not outlive. “This book not only shows the reader why he should not fear stocks, but why he should embrace them,” Snyder explains. “It does a fantastic job explaining how only stocks can help you keep up with the rising cost of living and how broad diversification across asset classes can capture the long-term returns of those sectors while also offering some cushion on volatility because some sectors go up when others go down.”

Recommendation for the Orman selection was offered by Chelsea Baldwin, Editor in Chief of the blog “Broke Girl Gets Rich.” “Since I work with helping people who have low incomes and/or are in a ‘broke’ situation to get on the path to reaching financial stability, I feel this book is full of no-nonsense advice to help you get on the right path as quickly as your income (and your level of personal discipline) will allow,” says Baldwin. “I’ve used

[Orman’s] advice myself with incredible results.”

“It’s one of my favorite college books,” chimes in Natasha Campbell, founder and CEO of Lifestyle Success Unlimited, in praise of Suze Orman’s book. “Suze Orman helps millennials navigate the basics of the financial world, like coping with huge student loans and a job market for young people.” Campbell’s focus is striving to help individuals experience financial makeovers.

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