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Financial Wellness Promotional Events

High-profile financial wellness events are a great way to generate momentum and encourage participation in your financial education program. The events on this page are promotional in nature, with a goal of raising awareness and buzz for your program (we also offer a variety of financial literacy programs).

Events have many moving parts and the people managing them are under tremendous pressure. Locating the right personal finance speakers and deciding what topics to present, what materials to provide, and the overall event structure are just the tip of the iceberg.

The NFEC provides the materials and support needed to give you confidence as the event date approaches, and ensuring that the event leaves participants excited about your initiative. Following are a few common types of promotional events we produce.

Event Materials and Support

The NFEC offers organizations turnkey solutions to their financial wellness event needs. Whether you need expert guidance, materials, or complete solutions – we have the team and resources to help.

DIY Package

For those who want to host their own financial literacy events, the NFEC provides all the resources needed (presentations, banners, handouts, invitations, online registrations, etc.). Select from more than 80 marketing and presentation resources to ensure that you are prepared for the event.

Event Consultations

Each organization has different goals, target audiences, and desired learning outcomes for participants. Our team will help you design a financial wellness solution that best fits your needs.

NFEC Presenters & Keynotes

Members of the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association deliver presentations that best meet your goals and the goals of your audience. From affordable educators to celebrity and influencer keynote presentations, we have a presenter to meet your budget and align with your vision.

NFEC Managed Events

For select clients the NFEC designs and deploys financial wellness events aligned with your vision. An experienced event management partner handles all the details to ensure that your event is a hit.

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