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Financial Literacy Campaign: Non-profit Organization Overview & Grant Guide

Financial Literacy Campaign: Non-profit Organization Overview & Grant Guide

Starting or expanding an financial literacy initiative can help non-profit organizations raise funds, increase awareness and build volunteer support while they educate those they serve.

The NFEC supports your efforts to promote financial literacy. Download your copy of the Grant Guide 2013 with Bonuses – it provides you a list of over 100 organizations that fund financial literacy initiatives. It also provides sample sponsorship forms for your use.

Watch the video below to learn how you can leverage a financial literacy initiative to support your organizational objectives. In this video you will discover what others have done to raise funds and we will share what organization you should call immediately to start raising funds your program. This will help you build momentum and a sustainable program that has a lasting impact on the lives of those you reach.

The NFEC hopes and supports you in your efforts to raise funds and awareness that lead you to the successful accomplishment of your goals. You recognize and agree that we have made no implications, warranties, promises, suggestions, projections, representations or guarantees whatsoever to you about future prospects or earnings, or that you will earn any money, with respect to your purchase of this product / service, and that we have not authorized any such projection, promise, or representation by others. Read the complete earning disclaimer.


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  1. Tanzania Consumers July 13, 2014 at 9:19 PM

    Thank you very much for this video guidance. It has been a very wonderful guide to make us more focused on our financial literacy project with consumers.

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