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Financial Literacy for Adults

The NFECs adult financial literacy presentations are interactive and engaging. The lesson plans are designed to motivate participants to take positive action toward improving their financial situation. The adult personal finance curriculum uses practical, hands-on learning to the participants reap the benefits of improving their financial situation.

Today, the economic conditions have many people concerned about their current finances. Many are experiencing problem with their monetary situation that can range from debt, retirement shortfalls, and foreclosures to added fees from late payments. The bottom line is that the vast majority of adults where never giving a practical financial education and it is taking a toll on people across the country.

Financial issues not only impact one finances, it plays a major role in stress, relationship problems, unhealthy coping behavior (alcohol, drugs, etc) and lowers one’s self confidence. This stress often as spills over into the time spent with friends, family and the workplace.

The NFECs’ Building Your Financial Foundation financial literacy for adults program is designed to help people build a solid financial foundation and our recover from current financial circumstances. This coursework covers the basic personal finance lessons that can help them improve their financial situation. The NFEC also offers the Road to Retirement (advanced coursework for those serving an audience that is focused on retirement planning.

Financial Literacy for Adults

Curriculum & Presentations – All Ages

The NFEC offers engaging, fun and interactive curriculum for all ages – kids, teens, and adults. Over 400 hours of presentation material accommodates a variety of educational goals and formats.

Customized & Private-labeled Financial Literacy for Adults

Customized & Private-labeled Presentations

The NFEC provides a full range of customized financial literacy programming and promotions to meet your needs. The NFEC can create new programs or modify existing materials to meet the needs of our supporters.

Financial Literacy Framework & Standards for Financial Literacy for Adults

Financial Literacy Framework & Standards

Review big ideas and content standards designed to encourage the highest achievement by participants. Complimentary interactive website helps you understand the skills needed to improve one’s financial capabilities.

The NFECs’ Financial Literacy for Adults Program features:

Engaging and Interactive Activities. The NFEC is widely recognized for its ability to connect with students and inspire them to take positive financial action. Delivering compelling, relevant content using examples and vernacular to which students can easily relate increases retention rates and makes the process more enjoyable for students and educators alike.

Socioeconomic Status. The financial literacy for adults program was designed specifically for those seeking to understand the basic personal finance topics, build a solid financial foundation and/or recover from past financial problems. Those seeking retirement planning presentations can click here.

‘Real World’ Lessons that Meets Educational Standards. The presentations and material was designed to meet college level educational standards while being usable lessons that can improve the participant’s financial status. Practical activities have the participants completing exercises that will help them now.

Flexible Design. The financial literacy programs for adults were created in a modular format to accommodate various schedules and delivery methods. Organizations have used this material for workshops, one-on-one training, boot camp style trainings and in a variety of other ways.

Independent. The material is 100% independent and not affiliated with any credit card company or other organizations. The entire purpose of the presentations is to improve participants’ financial capabilities. This also frees up organizations so they can attract sponsors to fund the initiatives.

Topics Covered: The curriculum covers ten personal finance topic areas including: Budgeting, Account Management, Credit Profile, Loans & Debt, Financial Psychology, Jobs & Careers, Insurance & Risk Management, Business Relations, Entrepreneurship , Investment Basics and Long-Term Planning.

Design Team. The NFEC’s Curriculum Advisory Board contributed to the development of the material. Educators, financial professionals and financial education experts created coursework that relates well to the target audience and can best help them achieve their financial objectives.

The adult financial literacy curriculum package provides you a turnkey solution for your programming needs. The material meets educational standards while offering practical tools and lessons.


What’s Included

Lesson Plans and Student Guides. The Building Your Financial Foundation curriculum includes 50 lessons worth approximately 30 hours of coursework provided in a detailed instructors and student guide. The lesson plans are broken down into modules so it can fit any class length and programming goals.

PowerPoint Presentations. The presentations are aligned with the lesson plans and student guides to makes it easy for the instructor to conduct the class and for students to follow along. This visually appealing PowerPoint includes pictures and bullet points that keep the class interested.

Testing and Surveys. Detailed surveys, pre- and post- testing are provided help you quantify the impact of your adult financial literacy training. This is important when seeking funding and when setting course objectives.

Marketing Material. Get the word out about your financial literacy for adult’s initiative with a variety of outreach material.

Support and Consultation. The NFEC Certified Financial Education Professionals can help you choose the lesson plans that best fit your objectives, time requirements, and participant academic level.


To Gain Financial Literacy Adults Turn to the NFEC

Financial Literacy Adults Programming at Church

Adults today face a variety of financial challenges, but now there is hope for a brighter future. The National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) has developed its Financial Foundation coursework to help people face those challenges and improve their financial situations. When they obtain financial literacy, adults become able to deal with problems as dire as crippling debt, foreclosure, homelessness, zero savings, and unemployment.

The NFEC showed positive results on an initial post-test and survey after presenting this Financial Foundation program to raise financial literacy for adults nationwide over a six-month period. Ongoing measures are being conducted to assess program effects on long-term behavior change among the participants.

The design of the NFEC curriculum is meant to be engaging and fun for participants while also meeting core standards for financial education. The coursework covers key money management lessons using practical hands-on activities and financial literacy games for adults. The instructors are carefully trained to build rapport and relate to the audience in a way that drives the information home and helps participants build healthy money habits.

The presentation can be tailored to reach any age or demographic group with the adult financial education materials, motivating participants to learn about money and take positive action toward their financial futures. The NFEC is widely recognized for developing coursework that connects with and inspires its audiences.

The Building Your Financial Foundation materials aim to promote financial literacy for young adults through mature senior citizens. The coursework covers all the basic personal finance lessons needed to improve people’s financial situations, regardless of their presenting issues. Participants learn how to build the foundation of good money habits, or how to recover from negative financial circumstances they currently face. The materials are delivered in a turnkey format that individuals or organizations may use to teach financial literacy adults programming effectively.

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