The Talk Financial Literacy PSA and Celebrity Awareness Campaign

The NFEC’s Financial EduNation Campaign provides financial literacy resources to organizations around the world while raising awareness about the importance of educating people about personal finances.

“The Talk Financial Literacy PSA” campaign is designed to elicit an emotional response that encourages parents to talk with their kids about money. Some have found the campaign images disturbing. But strong imagery is highly effective to motivate parents to take positive action, action that will prove critical to their children’s futures. The campaign goal is to inspire them to have “The Talk” with their kids, sharing money skills that can help young people avoid financial stress and worry and achieve financial security. Click here to read the Time Magazine article covering “The Talk”.

A big thanks goes to Aaron Meyers Photography, Aaron Meyers Creative Consulting (, and our celebrity partners who contributed their videos, time, and passion to the financial literacy movement.

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Shortly after the release of ‘The Talk’ PSA Campaign, the NFEC received emails from people expressing their viewpoints. The NFEC appreciates the positive comments as well as the concerns expressed by some. Your opinion and thought are appreciated and welcome.To provide you feedback in a timely manner the NFEC has set up a blog page to address concerns, compliments and suggestions. Click here to access our PSA blog.