Financial Education Instructor of the Year Award

Vince Shorb Presents Sam X. Renick the 2016 NFEC Financial Education Instructor of the Year Award
Educators are the single most important influence on participants success.  Distinguished financial education instructors are not merely dispensers of knowledge; they are learning facilitators who can mold and modify participants’ behavior to guide them toward financial wellness.

The NFEC honors those that represents best practices in personal finance with the Financial Education Instructor of the Year award.  The Financial Education Instructor of the Year (FEIY) award winner is highlighted on the NFEC’s website, through targeted marketing, a national press releases and receive high-profile mention in NFEC’s electronic communication.  Here are the benefits our award winner receives:

  • Financial Education Instructor of the Year plaque and the right to leverage 2015 Financial Education Instructor of the Year award recipient title. Only 1 award given annually.
  • Custom Educator Spotlight and Organization Spotlight webpage that highlights your efforts and promotes your initiatives.
  • Featured on slideshow and margin of 100,000+ impressions.
  • Featured in NFEC’s Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn social media posts.
  • Featured in NFEC newsletter and electronic communications.
  • National press release issued announcing your recipient of the award.
  • Featured in online marketing campaign to targeted individuals seeking financial literacy information. 175,000 impressions.

Past award winners were selected for the Financial Education Instructor of the Year based on three main areas:

1) Education. The NFEC seeks to recognize those people that have a passion for improving the financial capabilities of those they serve. Their instruction style should motivate, engage, educate and move participants to take positive action. The NFEC seeks financial educators that not only show positive pre- and post-test results but also make a long-term impact on the financial behaviors of those they teach.

2) Awareness. The Financial Education Instructor of the Year (FEIY) has been successful in raising awareness for the financial literacy movement. The ‘movement’ to improve the financial capabilities of the world’s citizens is at a tipping point – the NFEC seeks to reward those that are helping to further this mission.

3) Sustainability.  The FEIY has developed a business model that will support their outreach efforts in perpetuity.

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2015 Financial Education Instructor of the Year recipient: Sharon Lechter is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, international speaker, licensed CPA, Chartered Global Management Accountant and, most importantly a mother and grandmother. A life-long education advocate, she is the founder and CEO of Pay Your Family First, a financial education organization. Regarded as a global expert on financial literacy, Sharon has served as a national spokeswoman and Presidential Advisor on the topic.

Sharon has been a pioneer in developing new technologies, programs and products to bring education into children’s lives in ways that are innovative, challenging and fun, and remains committed to education – particularly financial literacy. In 1989 she joined forces with the inventor of the first electronic ‘talking book’ and helped him expand the electronic book industry to a multi-million dollar international market. Since 1992, she has dedicated her professional life and directed her entrepreneurial efforts in the creation and distribution of financial education books, games and other experiential learning products.

2014 Financial Education Instructor of the Year recipient: Gregg Murset, founder and CEO of My Job Chart, has committed the last five years to building the largest online community and fastest growing website teaching kids about work ethic, accountability, responsibility, time management and making smart money decisions. Murset’s idea for My Job Chart came from real life experience as he struggled to find anything on the market that would help teach his six kids the necessary financial principles they would need as adults.

Before leading My Job Chart, Murset had his own successful personal insurance and financial services practice for 18 years.  A graduate of Arizona State University with a degree in finance, Murset has also earned many professional designations in his industry

2013 Financial Education Instructor of the Year recipient: Diane Larsen is an award winning economics teacher that conducts the Certified Financial Education Instructor training for the NFEC. Larsen also conducts the adult and teen education programs. Diane was honored as the NFEC’s Financial Education Instructor of the Year (2011), Jump$tart Coalition Outstanding Educator of the Year Award in 2008 and her students have won the statewide Stock Market Simulation 3 years with the latest victory in 2012. Her students have been placed in the top 1% medalists’ category and in the top 25% national ranking in the Financial Literacy Challenge in ’08 and ’09 and her team of 4 students left the State Economics Challenge in 5th place this spring ’09.

Larsen has been selected by the Council for Economic Education and the U.S. State Department to travel as an ambassador to South Africa to offer her expertise in the area of economic education and financial literacy. Diane is a UCLA graduate with dual majors and minors who developed and taught the Economic Geography course at Mater Dei High School for a dozen years before accepting the assignment of teaching senior Economics as well as Business Economic Education and Business Law.

2012 Financial Education Instructor of the Year recipient: Elisabeth Donati is the founder of Creative Wealth International, Camp Millionaire and Creative Wealth for Women workshops. Donati started The Money Camp in 2002 and after two years of conducting summer programs she realized the problem she was attempting to solve was a global and her energy focused on developing programs that could help.

Elisabeth is an expert in the field of financial education for and her material is designed around accelerated learning principles which consists of games, activities and role-playing. Her latest creation, the Money Game, is already in multiple countries globally and creating a measurable impact on the financial capabilities of our youth.