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Financial Education Program FAQ’s & Support Contact Options

CFEI Course Education: Subjects Covered, Course Materials, Standards, Table of Contents, Testing

What does the training teach me, what’s covered, what are the topics taught, course syllabus?

Thanks for asking. It’s comprehensive: the training covers 78 topics, over 6 main units:

1. Introduction to Financial Education; 2. Planning & Preparation; 3. Instruction; 4. Environment; 5. Professional Development & Responsibilities; 6. Recap & Final Exam.

Get a breakdown of the whole course by clicking here.

What are the standards, is it aligned with standards, who is this approved by?

Our materials align with national financial education, plus state and national education standards. Click here to learn more about these standards.

When you click above, you can learn about how our curriculum aligns with standards, and how we got involved in establishing national standards for educators, coaches, and learners.

What’s included in the course?

The CFEI course includes everything you need to build the skills to teach personal finance effectively and earn your certification. You also get access to the Patron Resource Center, which has materials that highlight your certification and help you promote your efforts. By clicking here, you can learn more about the materials and resources.

Tell me about the test, how do I take the test? Do I have to go somewhere to take the exam? Can I retake the exam?

The CFEI test has 108 questions, and a score of 75% or better is passing. If you don’t pass the first time, you can retake it at $0 cost. We’re glad to say that you complete the entire test online at the location of your choice.

When will I get my test results?

You’ll know if you have passed immediately after you submit your answers. If you do, you’ll gain instant access to your graduate resources.

Do you get CE (continuing education) credits for completion of the program?

We are pleased to offer CE credit, so check with the organization through which you’re seeking CE credits. Our program provides 40 Professional Development Hours (PDH) / 4 Continuing Education Units.

+ CFEI Training Details: Program Length, Schedule, Attendance Options, Graduate Opportunities

How long is the course, how much time does it take to complete?

As long as you need. Most people take 30 to 40 hours to finish, but there’s no time limit; you work at your own pace.

Where do I go for training, how is training delivered, will I have to go somewhere?

All the training is done virtually, so you don’t have to go anywhere. You also get a phone meeting with your program consultant.

After I register, when can I start the training?

We’re happy to say you can start the course right after you register. After you enroll, you’ll get a welcome email and a separate email with your receipt. You’ll also be directed to create your password. Once you do, you’ll be taken right to the materials.

Where can I get more information?

I’m glad to provide that. Learn more about the Certified Financial Education Instructor program and take a tour by clicking here.

Just enter your name and email on the page to view the video tour.

Why is enrollment limited?

I’m happy to answer that. Everyone who enrolls gets a counseling meeting with a program director. Because of this personal call, we have to limit enrollment to make sure people get their consultation calls timely. Click here to learn more about the consultation call.

What background is needed?

Thanks for asking. We have no background requirements for the course, just an interest in teaching personal finance.

I have a lot of experience already, do I need to complete the course?

We know some people have a great deal of experience. But because the NFEC administers and awards its own certifications, you need to complete all coursework and pass the exam for our programs. Your vast background will serve you well as you complete the certifications. You also may test out of some course elements, which will get you through faster.

After I graduate, can I use the logo? Do I get a Certificate?

After you graduate, you receive the CFEI Certified Financial Education Instructor logo, plus a graduate certificate and letter documenting your continuing education credits. For those in the US, we mail out the graduate Certificates. For those outside the US, the certificate is available online.

Do I receive a webpage when I graduate? Is there a cost for the graduate webpage?

You can choose to get a graduate’s webpage that highlights your credentials. There is no cost ($0) to you; your webpage is provided complimentary.

Financial Education Resources: Presentations, Curriculum, Online Learning Center

Topics, what topics are taught in the curriculum, presentations, & online learning?

Thanks for asking! The materials cover 10 main personal finance areas: 1. Financial Psychology; 2. Savings, Expenses, & Budgeting; 3. Account Management; 4. Credit Profile; 5. Loans & Debt; 6. Income; 7. Skill Development & Education; 8. Taxes & Economic Influences; 9. Risk Management & Insurance; 10. Investing & Long-term Planning. Review the full list of topics by clicking here.

What are the standards, is it aligned with standards?

Yes! We’re pleased to say that our materials align with national financial education, state education, and financial coaching standards. Visit here to find out more about the standards.

What ages do the materials fit, what socioeconomic status, what live events does your material serve?

We serve all ages. The materials are broken down into 3 main age groups, and each of those has 3 subgroups: 1. Kids (PK – 2nd grade, 3rd – 5th grade, 6th – 8th grade); 2. Young Adults (High School, College, & Adults under 24); and 3) Adults (Low socioeconomic status, Middle socioeconomic status, High socioeconomic status).

The materials also are set up to address key life events like: moving out on your own, planning for college, retirement planning, debt reduction, and buying a home. That’s just a few examples of the 50+ individual life event workshops we have. There are more than 50 individual life event workshops included that meet a variety of schedules.

Can I custom-brand the educational resources with my logo and brand?

We provide that option. You can view some samples and branding options by clicking here.

How do I customize the education for my audience?

When teaching personal finance, it’s important to customize the lessons you teach to best serve your audience’s needs. Click here to learn how lesson plans can be customized.

With the presentation and curriculum resources, you will customize the lessons in your print-on-demand center. Your custom choices generate a student guide of just the lessons you wish to teach. Visit here to learn how to customize the lessons.

For the online learning center, you can simply assign the specific lessons you want students to complete. Discover how to customize online learning plans by clicking here.

After I reach my limit on the student guide licenses, what is the cost for extra student guides?

All packages come with a minimum of 150 student guide reprint licenses. After you reach your limit, we charge just $1 per participant in your course. Click here to find out about reprinting student guides.

Turnkey Financial Education Packages: Support Resources, Custom Branding Options



What do the turnkey financial education packages include?

All packages include the 6 essential areas needed to create a professional-level financial education program: 1) educator training CFEI; 2) education resources (curriculum & online learning); 3) program design resources & support; 4) user experience resources; 5) measurement & reporting tools; and 6) funding and business resources. Visit here to see the whole package.

What’s the differences between the packages? Essentials, Advanced, Professional, Enterprise?

The main difference between the Essentials and Advanced packages is the number of student licenses you receive and the amount of resources and support. The larger packages also include custom branding options. You can review our package options by clicking here and going to the bottom of the webpage.

Do I have to get the bigger packages to get custom branding?

No. For many people it is more affordable to get smaller packages and add on the branding options a la carte. Click here to learn about custom branding options.

What are your custom branding options? Where can I view the custom branding options and pricing?

You can view sample brands and find out about branding options by visiting here.

What user experience resources are included?

Pre-program Resources: Marketing materials, registration forms, invitations, and pre-assessment & survey tools. During-program Resources: Customizable signage, educational handouts, and anticipatory education tools. Post-program Resources: Audience recognition materials, systemization, ongoing education, and follow-up report templates & training.

Visit here to take the full user experience tour.

What reporting and measurement resources are included?

Measurement Tools & Systems: Assess content knowledge, behaviors, sentiment, financial situation, and outcomes. Report Templates & Training: Learn how to prove your program’s impact and display your results professionally. Click here to tour the measurement and reporting tools.

What program design resources and support are included?

Includes: Initial program exploratory buy-in presentations & scripting, discovery resources to customize program design, measurement tools to set program outcome goals, training & step-by-step design manual, design presentation & approval communications, and personal support from an assigned design consultant. Take a tour of the design and approval resources by clicking here.

What funding and business resources are included?

Revenue training and a variety of funding resources: sponsorship forms, grant copy, client acquisition funnels, pitch decks, and presentations to promote your program.

Marketing & Promotion Resources: Gain access to a library of over 30 marketing pieces that can be easily customized and participate in any of the NFEC’s advocacy campaigns.

NFEC Sponsorship Funding: All clients are eligible to receive sponsorship funding for submitting results of their programming upon successful program report submission.

Visit by clicking here to learn about the business resources available.

Program Cost, Guarantee & Enrollment: How to Enroll, Enrollment Dates, Guarantee

What is the cost, what is the investment?

1) Certified Financial Education Instructor: $297 Register by clicking here.

2) Presentations & Curriculum: $495 Register by clicking here.

3) Online Learning Center: Cost varies. Learn more and register by clicking here.

4) Turnkey Financial Education Packages: Start at $595 Register by clicking here.

Why is enrollment limited?

We provide personal consultation with each client. To ensure that we offer timely client support, we limit enrollment to all courses and products offered.

Do you provide scholarships or funding?

After you purchase any package, we do provide funding options to our clients. Visit here to learn about funding possibilities.

What’s your guarantee, do you have a guarantee?

Yes, I’m proud to say we do offer a full-year guarantee on most of our products. Read the full guarantee when you click here.

After I register, when can I access the resources? What happens after I register?

You get instant access to your complete program. Right after you register, you’ll be directed to a page to create your password. From there, you’ll have instant access.

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