Financial Education Organization – the NFEC Team & Curriculum Advisory Board

The National Financial Educators Council is a financial education organization passionate about improving the financial capabilities of individuals globally while raising awareness for the financial literacy movement. Their commendable efforts have been instrumental in the fast-paced growth in financial literacy that has taken place over the past several years.

The NFEC team is made up of individuals who are passionate about helping people improve their financial capabilities and promoting the overall financial literacy movement. We are constantly inspired by the substantial program impact demonstrated by positive responses from participants, partners, and clients.

Executive Team

Education Development Team

Curriculum Advisory Board

The NFEC’s financial literacy material was designed in collaboration with a team of educators, personal finance experts, and financial professionals. The resulting content meets educational standards while offering practical tools to help people prepare for the financial real world.

Since inception of the NFEC, more than 120 financial literacy experts, educators, and financial professionals have contributed to curriculum development. This collective group has now provided education to over a million people and reviewed the personal financial statements of more than 50,000 people across the United States.

Join the financial literacy movement and join our Curriculum Advisory Board.

All NFEC Curriculum Advisory Board members possess expert-level knowledge about personal finance topics. Although each board member brings a unique view to the curriculum, they share one common trait: dedication to improving the financial capabilities of people around the world.

National Ambassadors