Activity: Financial Communication Game

Here’s a quick activity you can do to open up the lines of communication about money. Play the Financial Communication Game with your spouse or a loved one – anyone who may have an impact on your personal financial situation. Follow these guidelines:

  1. Before starting the game, make sure you’re currently on good terms and are both open to communicate. If you had a recent argument or if there’s tension in the air, wait to play the game. Also, if you are seeking counseling, work with your counselor to facilitate the game.
  2. Together, brainstorm your financial and retirement goals. Initially, write down every thought. Just write – do not judge.
  3. Once each of you has put ideas on paper, discuss each one together. Prioritize and list them in order of importance. You will disagree on some items. If, after a minute or two, you are unable to reach consensus, mark that item for later discussion.
  4. During the game, be sure to remind each other that you’re doing this because you care about each other. That will help you stay on course.
  5. This game typically requires multiple meetings and planning to ensure proper alignment.

This is just the beginning but it can help you and your loved ones get on the same page financially.  Remember to talk about your financial goals regularly and support each other on the road to financial wellness.  The NFEC also encourages you to begin teaching children about money.  The earlier you can open up the communication with your kids about money, the greater advantage they will have in life.


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