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Course Education: Subjects Covered, Standards, Table of Contents

What’s taught in the NFEC Financial Coach course? What topics are in the financial coaching training?

The coaching training is approximately 180 hours and is designed to help you gain the skills and establish processes involved in financial coaching. For a full breakdown of the course and to access the Table of Contents, click here to learn details about the financial coach certification, click here to learn details about the financial coach certification.

What are the standards, is it aligned with standards, is the program approved by any agencies?

Our program was built around the Financial Coaching Standards and Code of Conduct. This sets benchmarks with the financial coaching industry that will assist financial coaches become more effective and serve their clients’ best interests. Click here to access the complete standards document.

Where can I view a full tour of the coaching program and understand the details of the training?

To learn more about the Certified Personal Finance Consultant financial coaching certification – click here for details on the financial coaching certification.

To view a course tour, visit here for the full tour of the course.

What ongoing education requirements and support are available to me after graduation?

After you graduate from the program, we’re still there to support your efforts, and ongoing training or experience is required to maintain your certification. There are ongoing training requirements every 2 years, which can be satisfied by experience. If you are required to complete ongoing training, the fulfillment is approximately 20 hours every other year.

Training Details: Program Length, Schedule, Attendance Options

How long is the course, how much time does it take to complete?

The NFEC Financial Coach course requires successful completion of approximately 180 hours of training and practice (18 Continuing Education Units – CEU). You may test out of parts of the training. There’s no time limit; you work at your own pace. Learn more about the financial coach certification by clicking here.

Where do I go for training, how is training delivered, will I have to travel somewhere?

The training is virtual. You also have scheduled phone meetings with your program consultant and work by phone with others taking the course to practice the coaching process.

Where can I view a full tour of the coaching program and understand the details of the training?

To view a full course tour, visit here for the tour of the course.

How is the training delivered? What is the course schedule?

You can choose among these three course schedule options:

Option 1: Self-directed. Take the training at your own pace as lessons are released. You will have access to recorded instructor-led webinar trainings too.

Option 2: Instructor-led. Join our 14-week live webinar training. Requires an investment of 10 to 20 hours per week to keep pace. You will have access to the full self-directed training as well. View the latest live training dates by clicking here.

Option 3: Hybrid. A combination of self-directed and instructor-led.

What are the system requirements, can I do it on mobile, can I do it on a laptop?

You can access the course on all platforms, even mobile.

Testing Details: Location, Results, Passing Requirements, CEU Credits

Do I have to go somewhere to take the exam?

You may take the test at the location of your choice; however, the tests are moderated online. You need to have a webcam set up on your computer so your testing can be moderated by a third-party test moderation group. There is a $127 fee each time you take the exam. You need a score of 80% or greater to pass. You will know whether you passed within 1 week of the exam.

When will I get my test results? If I do not pass, can I take it again?

You’ll get your test results within 1 week after you submit your answers. Once you pass the exam, you gain instant access to your graduate resources.

If you don’t pass (with a score of 80% or better), you can retake the test at a cost of $127 each time for the exam proctoring.

Do I get CEU credits?

Yes. We provide you with an award letter recognizing the 180-hour total training time. Check with the organization with which you want to apply CEUs to get prior approval.

Can I test out of any parts of the training?

Yes. Our goal is to produce highly-capable coaches. If you know some of the material already, you can test out of that portion.

Other requirements?

There are assignments that must be completed and turned in for grading. You are also required to pass your assignments, and you can redo any assignment that you do not pass.

Background Requirements: Experience, Education, Criminal Background

What background is needed?

There are no educational or professional requirements for the course. You just need to take the NFEC Financial Coach course and pass the testing and criminal background check requirements.

Do I need to complete the course if I am a financial service professional, a current financial coach, or have a lot of experience already?

Your vast background will serve you well as you complete the certifications. But because the NFEC administers and awards its own certifications, you still must pass the exam to graduate from our programs. You may test out of some course elements, which will get you through the course faster.

Criminal background check: What are you looking for? What would disqualify me?

You do need to pass a criminal background check which is completed by a third-party company to ensure that you meet NFEC standards. Your information is handled by a trusted third-party provider that has conducted millions of background checks.

Possible Rejection of Application: You would not be approved if you have had convictions associated with fraud or theft, nonconsensual sexual offenses, capital offenses, or other felonies.

Possible Acceptance of Application: You may be approved even if you have convictions for victimless crimes. Although we do not condone these behaviors, you can be approved; but we reserve the right to make the final call based on your total profile.

I’m concerned about my criminal background check. Can you check before I pay and start the course?

Yes. This process costs $127 and would be deducted from your investment if you are approved. If you are not approved, the $127 would be your only cost.

Coaching Practice Resources: Client Education & Communication, Software

What resources are provided to graduates as part of the financial coaching program?

The NFEC Financial Coach program includes everything you need to earn your certification and gain the tools professional coaches use. These tools include financial coaching software, client education resources, client communication resources, and business resources. Here’s a link where you can learn more about graduate resources.

What is the cost of the client education resources, client communication resources, financial coaching software, and coaching business resources?

There is no added cost for the coaching reporting software, client communications, or client education system. These are included with your NFEC Financial Coach training and membership.

What is included in the client education resource package?

The client education resources include educational-grade materials designed for financial coaches. Gain access to the following materials you can provide your clients: step-by-step activities, student guide handouts, online learning center training, follow-up educational resources. Click here to preview the education resource materials.

What is included in the client communication resources?

Receive full access to a robust resource center that provides clear processes and client communications you will need as a financial coach. Access more than 100 pre-written emails to cover the most common situations, complete scripting that details processes for each client meeting, and clear plans for how and when to communicate with clients. Visit here to learn about process and client communication resources.

What is included with the financial coaching software? What skills do I need to use the coaching software? Is training provided?

The software includes an input system where you enter clients’ information and then the software outputs personal financial reports. The platform also allows you to output progress reports and diagnoses of the root causes of a client’s problems. To ensure that you get all the data you need from your clients, the software includes scripting, training, and notes that help you while you talk with clients.

We designed this software to be easy to use for people at all technical skill levels. You need no specialized skills outside basic computing knowledge – like being able to fill out an online form.

Coaching Business & Funding Resources: Models, Graduate Opportunities, Marketing

What is included with the business resource package?

Product, Pricing, & Funding Models. All graduates receive coaching business plans, client coaching package offerings, pricing models, an alternative revenue strategies guide, and business aspects training.

To learn more about our business resources, click here.

What type of marketing and promotions are included?

Marketing, Financial Education Package & NFEC Provided Leads. All graduates receive the marketing and promotions package and financial education system for lead development; and the NFEC provides coaching client leads.

Learn more about the marketing and promotions package by clicking here.

Does the NFEC fund my coaching practice?

Yes, we provide funding opportunities to graduates. Click here to learn more about funding options.

Can I use the logo?

Yes, you may! Once you graduate, you’ll receive the NFEC Financial Coach Certified Personal Finance Consultant logo, plus a graduate certificate and letter documenting your continuing education credits.

Do I receive a coaching webpage? Is there a cost for the NFEC Financial Coach graduate webpage?

Yes, as a graduate, you will receive a webpage that features your photo and bio. There is no cost to you; your webpage is provided complimentary.

Does the program include a fully-operational website for my practice?

The program provides you with a free webpage on our website (featuring your photo and bio). We do offer fully-functioning websites for coaches with built-in cycles and communications at an added investment for those seeking a full webpage. You will receive details prior to your graduation.

Do you get CE (continuing education) credits for completion of the program?

We are pleased to offer CE credit, so check with the organization through which you’re seeking CE credits. Our program provides 180 Professional Development Hours (PDH) / 18 Continuing Education Units.

Program Cost & Enrollment Details: Cost, How to Enroll, Enrollment Dates, Guarantee

What is the cost of the program? Do you offer payment plan options?

We have 3 pricing options. By clicking here, you can view the cost and payment plan options which appear at the bottom of the webpage.

How can I enroll, how can I register, what are the enrollment dates?

To register, visit here to learn about enrollment dates and register for the next course.

After I register for the financial coaching program, when can I start the training?

Once you do enroll, you will receive the course outline. If you decided to do the self-paced training option, you will gain access to the training course. If you chose to participate in the optional live training sessions, you will be notified of the live training dates.

Why is enrollment limited? Why can’t I enroll now?

Everyone who enrolls gets an individual counseling meeting with a program director. Because of these personal calls, we limit enrollment to make sure people get their consultation calls timely.

Comparison with other companies’ products, how does this compare with other companies?

The NFEC’s course is the most comprehensive program available, a claim that is guaranteed by a 1-year, 100% guarantee. Read more about the guarantee by clicking here.

This course not only gives you the skills and credibility you need to succeed at being a financial coach; you’ll also gain access to the resources and systems you’ll need in your financial coaching practice.

I need an invoice. I need a W-9, Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).

Just contact us with the product(s) you are interested in and we will prepare an invoice for you. See our contact information at the bottom of this page.

Of course! You can find our W-9 and Taxpayer Identification Number by clicking here.

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