NFEC’s CEO, Vince Shorb with Stig O. Nybo (President, Transamerica Retirement Solutions – Pension Sales and Distribution) presenting the NFEC’s Financial Education Leadership Award to Deb Ruben (Transamerica Retirement Solutions Senior Vice President, TPA and RIA Distribution). Congratulations Deb for a well deserved award.

2014 Financial Educators Day – Inaugural Year Ceremony and National Award Recipients

The National Financial Educators Council celebrated Financial Educators Day at Transamerica’s Retirement Readiness Summit in Miami on April 25th. At the event, NFEC CEO Vince Shorb, spoke to the financial professionals in attendance about advocacy and promotion of financial wellness. The event was concluded by recognizing the exceptional efforts of three individuals who promoted financial wellness over the past year at the live event. Nationwide the NFEC there were over 100 Financial Educators Day award issued to advocates and educators.

Financial Educators Day, which takes place the last Friday of April, is set aside to recognize innovative leaders working to improve the financial capabilities of people in their communities. This year Deb Rubin, Tom Hoffman, and Jania Stout were honored during Transamerica’s second annual Retirement Readiness Summit. Deb Rubin, senior vice president of TPA and specialist advisor distribution for Transamerica Retirement Solutions, received the NFEC’s 2014 Financial Education Leadership Award for her dedication to improving retirement outcomes for American workers.

The NFEC also recognized over 100 people from 42 states across the US. Click here to see the list of award winners.

A big thank you goes out to Stan T. Webb of Wichita, Kansas. He led several Financial Educators Day celebrations as well as over a dozen financial education events over Financial Literacy Month. Over the years, Stan has become a strong advocate for financial literacy.  He is responsible for comprehensive financial literacy campaigns that have extended past his Wichita community to impacting those in over 3 states and through all of Kansas.


Stan Webb Award Congratulations Financial Educators Day Honorees (left to right):
Jaya Escobar – Upward Bound Non profit, Kenya Cox -President local chapter NAACP, Ron Estes – Kansas State Treasurer, Stan Webb – DreamCatcher Wealth Management, Josh Ney -Kansas Securities Commissioner & Mike Gonzales – Open Mortgage


“Financial illiteracy has reached epidemic proportions in our country, and causes major problems at both the community and national levels. We commend Transamerica for its leadership role in promoting financial wellness,” stated Vince Shorb, CEO of the NFEC. “The efforts of all those honored on Financial Educators Day are much appreciated. They have been instrumental in creating financially capable citizens, while strengthening their whole communities at the same time.”

Financial Educators Day award recipients are individuals with a demonstrated commitment to creating positive change in the financial behaviors of their fellow citizens, raising awareness about the financial literacy movement, and supporting sustainable financial education programming that can benefit people for years to come. Learn more.