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Customized or Managed Financial Education Programs: Programming Development & Deployment

Who leads or manages the financial education program?

The NFEC tailors programming to meet the needs of enterprise-level organizations. This leadership is serviced by our team of local trained and Certified graduates who lead programs with the support of the NFEC’s internal staff. Our team of speakers, coaches, and program directors extends across 50 states and 55 countries. Learn more about our program leadership by clicking here.

Can I custom-brand or private-label NFEC resources?

Yes, custom branding is a service we provide. View custom-branding samples, pricing, and details by clicking here.

I want custom lessons developed. What is the cost and how long does it take?

Most people find that our existing financial education resources cover most personal finance topics. View details of the complete financial education package by clicking here.

If you need something specialized (example: a custom presentation on your company’s retirement plan), we can create presentations, lesson plans, and online learning lessons for you. Pricing varies by scope; however, the minimum size of a customization project we take starts at $15,000 for US-based programs and $50,000 for international programs.

Do you offer programs in other languages?

Yes, we do! We have a couple of options for translation. Our end-user education products (curriculum, online learning, etc.) are tailored to be country-specific. We partner with well-capitalized organizations around the globe to modify the content for their needs and help them promote, fund, and spread financial literacy education. Investments start at $50,000 USD.

Book a NFEC Certified Financial Educator: Speaker Requests, Program Development & Management

Book a NFEC financial education speaker, presenter, or workshop leader:

We have excellent speakers to fit your needs. Our team of graduates lead classes across all states and over 55 countries. Click here to browse the list and find your next speaker.

How much does it cost to book NFEC financial education speakers, presenters, or workshop leaders?

Thank you for asking. Just click here and complete the form to get local pricing and details.

Can the NFEC manage my financial education program?

Yes, we would be happy to. The NFEC’s team of speakers, coaches, and program directors extends across 50 states and 55 countries. We have experts in your local community who can lead and manage your program. Learn about experts near you by clicking here.

Can we decide on the topic covered during the presentation, speech or keynote?

Yes, all presentations are customized based on the needs of the audience and organization served.

Book a NFEC Certified Financial Coach: Organization Coaching Programs, Coaching Contractors Financial Education

Book a NFEC coach.

We do have coaches who are available at both the individual and organizational level. Just visit financial-coach to book a financial coach.

How much does it cost to book NFEC Certified financial coaches?

Thanks for asking. Coaching prices vary depending on your area, the services you get, and your support needs. Our coaches provide complimentary consultations and have transparent pricing packages from which you can select.

Is there a set schedule for coaches who serve our organization?

You have options that are customized for you. Common choices include: 1) Scheduled appointments (in person or webinar), 2) Set hours, or 3) On call.

Financial Education Resources: Presentations, Curriculum, Online Learning Center

Topics, what topics are taught in the curriculum, presentations, & online learning?

Thanks for asking! The materials cover 10 main personal finance areas: 1. Financial Psychology; 2. Savings, Expenses, & Budgeting; 3. Account Management; 4. Credit Profile; 5. Loans & Debt; 6. Income; 7. Skill Development & Education; 8. Taxes & Economic Influences; 9. Risk Management & Insurance; 10. Investing & Long-term Planning. Review the full list of topics by clicking here.

What are the standards, is it aligned with standards?

Yes! We’re pleased to say that our materials align with national financial education, state education, and financial coaching standards. Visit here to find out more about the standards.

What ages do the materials fit, what socioeconomic status, what live events does your material serve?

We serve all ages. The materials are broken down into 3 main age groups, and each of those has 3 subgroups: 1. Kids (PK – 2nd grade, 3rd – 5th grade, 6th – 8th grade); 2. Young Adults (High School, College, & Adults under 24); and 3) Adults (Low socioeconomic status, Middle socioeconomic status, High socioeconomic status).

The materials also are set up to address key life events like: moving out on your own, planning for college, retirement planning, debt reduction, and buying a home. That’s just a few examples of the 50+ individual life event workshops we have. There are more than 50 individual life event workshops included that meet a variety of schedules.

Can I custom-brand the educational resources with my logo and brand?

We provide that option. You can view some samples and branding options by clicking here.

How do I customize the education for my audience?

When teaching personal finance, it’s important to customize the lessons you teach to best serve your audience’s needs. Click here to learn how lesson plans can be customized.

With the presentation and curriculum resources, you will customize the lessons in your print-on-demand center. Your custom choices generate a student guide of just the lessons you wish to teach. Visit here to learn how to customize the lessons.

For the online learning center, you can simply assign the specific lessons you want students to complete. Discover how to customize online learning plans by clicking here.

After I reach my limit on the student guide licenses, what is the cost for extra student guides?

All packages come with a minimum of 150 student guide reprint licenses. After you reach your limit, we charge just $1 per participant in your course. Click here to find out about reprinting student guides.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Sponsorship Opportunities: National & Local Opportunities

Do your sponsorships provide category exclusivity, or are there exclusivity options?

We tailor sponsorship opportunities to you. We have geographic exclusivity and category exclusivity options.

Can I have my logo on the materials and promote my brand?

This may be possible; your program consultant will let you know the details based upon the sponsorship opportunity.

Can I sponsor financial education in my community?

Yes, we have sponsorship opportunities for those who want to sponsor a nonprofit, school, or the broader community.

What is the pricing associated with adopting a class, school, or nonprofit organization?

Pricing depends on the size of the group you want to serve. We do boast one of the lowest costs per impact in the industry and sponsorships are priced around $5 to $10 per person, served on the class or organizational level.

Do you have schools or nonprofits in my area that I can sponsor?

We have schools and nonprofits that would be thrilled to receive your program sponsorship. You also can select the group you want to sponsor in your local community.

Contact us to learn about groups that need your assistance in your local area.

What do schools or nonprofit organization I support receive?

Each sponsorship is customized to their needs. Your support gives them access to complete financial education programming. Visit here to learn what your support gives your selected organization.

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