Emergency Preparedness Survey

Financial preparedness includes proactively addressing emergency situations. This emergency preparedness survey measures people’s preparedness of their readiness for the next major issue that could interrupt their finances.

The survey (conducted between August 29th and September 3rd 2020) shows that many people are not prepared for a major issue, like economic downturns, natural disasters, pandemics, etc.  Among this sample, a sizable proportion (46.6%) of respondents specified that they would have less than two months’ worth of emergency money available to draw upon in case of a disaster.  Almost 1 out of 3 respondents (32.6%) would have less than 1 month of emergency money.

Survey Results

The survey asked 976 people the following question:

How much emergency money do you have saved that you could tap into in the case of a disaster in your area? (e.g. natural disaster, pandemic, economic catastrophe, etc.)

Available Choices and Results Were:

Enough to last less than 1 month


Enough to last for 1-2 months


Enough to last for 3-6 months


Enough to last for 7-12 months


Enough to last for 12+ months