Educator Spotlight: Background, Family Values, NFEC Inspire Stan Webb to Spread Financial Literacy

Stan Webb’s personal mission to help and serve others began as early as childhood. Today Webb has refocused his passion and experience into advocacy for the financial literacy movement. He founded the Minerva Foundation for Financial Literacy and has developed a clear game-plan over the years that provides him the direction needed to bring a viable financial education program to the Wichita, Kansas area he calls home.


Family Influences

Growing up in rural Georgia, Webb learned firsthand how financial struggles can trouble a family. But while his parents themselves had little financial education, Webb says, “They instilled core values and life lessons that inspired me to help other families improve their financial situations.” Thus a strong advocate for financial education was born.

Now Stan has become a concerned member of the Wichita community who brings corporate executives, educators, nonprofits, and community leaders together to build a comprehensive, sustainable financial literacy campaign. His collaboration with the NFEC is what really guided and focused his program. “Before connecting with the NFEC I didn’t have a business or outreach model,” he explains. “I was just passionate about the subject and tried to get others involved. It wasn’t the best use of time and there wasn’t much in the way of strategy.” The NFEC offered Webb their Certified Financial Education Instructor training and honored him with a Community Ambassador Award. These accomplishments prepared him to move forward toward realizing his passion.


His Recipe for Success

Webb’s efforts to bring financial education to Wichita began in 2009. Having noticed a lack of collaboration between leading Kansas financial companies, he organized a town hall meeting to bring key partners together. The town hall was highly successful, generating word-of-mouth buzz and creating opportunities for Webb to connect with organizations interested in sponsoring financial literacy events. Since then he has hosted nearly 100 events for schools, sports teams, families, and other groups. These events range from short presentations to half-day workshops, but the NFEC curriculum works well for all of them.

Partnership is a big part of Stan’s recipe for success. He has built relationships with nonprofits, community groups, soccer clubs, and retirement homes. But probably his most important relationship has been with the NFEC. Using their sample press releases, he was able to raise community awareness and attract media attention. Now the press relies on Webb as a financial literacy resource, frequently calling on him for quotes and interviews. He’s appeared on several TV news spots and his programs have been covered in newspapers (including the Wichita Eagle) and company newsletters. He hosts a weekly radio show on KQAM 1480 called DreamCatcher, where he and his listeners discuss the “health of your wealth.”

Webb also has continued the tradition that got him started, holding an annual town hall event that brings in new partners and maximizes front-of-mind community awareness about his programs.


Advice for Others

Stan’s general advice about wealth can be summed up in three suggestions:

  1. Make sure you have a long-term vision for your life and your wealth and make sure to teach and share that vision with your children.
  2. Take time to learn about the many factors (both positive and negative) that can affect you and your family’s wealth.
  3. Perform due diligence when choosing the people you rely on for financial, legal, and accounting advice.

Finally, Webb suggests that some of the best wealth-enhancing opportunities are not readily apparent. The same is true for risks and other challenges that can adversely affect one’s wealth. The key is to work with someone who knows where to look, who can help you capitalize on opportunities and minimize risk.



Over the last year Webb has received several honors for his work. He received a Financial Literacy Proclamation from Governor Sam Brownback of the State of Kansas and Mayor Carl Brewer of Wichita. He also was granted the Community Ambassador Award by the NFEC, and the NFEC has named him as a board member to help guide the development of its youth financial literacy curriculum. “The best recognition comes from those in the community that I have taught,” says Webb. “They are using the lessons and it’s helping them reach their goals.”


Biographical Sketch

Stan Webb, CFS Certified Fund Specialist, has hosted financial literacy town hall events throughout Kansas and shares his financial wisdom with youth across the state. He is President of Stan T. Webb Companies Inc. and co-founder of the Minerva Foundation for Financial Literacy.