Organization Spotlight: Center for Financial Education Community College Financial Literacy Program

Starting in Fall 2013, the NFEC designed, developed and deployed the SunTrust Foundation Center for Financial Education at Wake Technical Community College aimed at raising financial literacy competencies among Wake Tech students, staff, and community members.

Community college financial literacy program

The community college financial literacy campaign designed by the NFEC included more than 30 financial literacy assets: online learning, mobile learning, promotional campaigns, media relations, community education and over 400 live instructional events to date conducted by a Certified Financial Education Instructors. This included specialized events for: incoming students, parents of incoming students, workplace training for faculty and staff, and classroom events for students enrolled in GED courses, cosmetology, accounting, auto body and other specialized courses.

In addition to classroom style educational and promotional events, online learning and contests also contributed to the educational mix. The online learning center was made available year-round to all Wake Tech students. During Financial Literacy Month special events took place during Wake Tech’s Spring Fling and Campus Cook-out. This included an interactive trivia game where students that answered questions correctly were able to enter a money booth for their chance at winning a variety of prizes. Students were also encouraged to participate in the NFEC’s Financial Scavenger Hunt where they completed practical activities designed to help them build their financial foundation.

Over the years, the campaigns focus has been to increase the reach of the programming. This was done through a mixture of building new partnerships, distributing flyers around campus, generating media coverage, creating an online and social media presence, word-of-mouth networking, and other collaborative efforts. By staging high-profile events, the Center was able to raise awareness about the available resources for students.

The Center for Financial Education continues to demonstrate Wake Tech’s and the SunTrust Foundation’s commitment to improving financial outcomes for students, staff, and faculty. The financial literacy program represents successful collaboration between the college, community, and students toward empowering the community with financial knowledge.

Click here or on the image of the report to read the feature conducted by the Boston Federal Reserve that highlights the community college financial literacy programming at Wake Technical Community College.