Community Campaign Introduction

Financial problems have reached epidemic proportions in our country, a crisis that causes major problems at both the community and the national levels. Financial issues contribute to a variety of troubles many people face today, from crushing debt to retirement shortfalls. And the stress associated with financial issues can have devastating emotional impact. This epidemic hurts not only individuals, but the community as a whole.

Fortunately there is a solution to this problem. That solution is described in the National Financial Capability Strategy – a white paper that compiled research from more than 40 government organizations and scientific studies. The NFEC built its Community Campaign model around the solution and provided a turnkey system for people who seek to support the financial wellness of their communities.

Before the NFEC, comprehensive, evidence-based, financial education campaigns were only available for large companies with substantial budgets. Now organizations of any size can participate in the financial literacy movement. The NFEC levels the playing field for individuals and small- to mid-size businesses seeking to undertake a comprehensive financial education initiative.

The Community Campaign offers organizations and individuals the ability to bring high-profile national promotions to their communities. You can expand your reach and impact while the people you serve get a chance to pick up critical life skills. This managed turnkey system reduces the time, expense, and personnel required to launch a financial education program.

Limited Availability & Selection Process

The Community Campaign is currently available only in select areas. Category exclusivity is provided with preference given to our current Patrons. Applicants are selected based on performance criteria – the top on the list is a passion for promoting financial wellness.

Development Process and Big Picture Overview

National solution – over the past 8 years we have developed, tested, and refined material; developed a model for replication; and successfully replicated program outcomes. Leveraging latest research in the National Financial Capability Strategy report and a free market, social enterprise model – the NFEC provides duplicable and scalable financial literacy solutions for communities across the country.

Combining comprehensive personal finance resources with awareness and revenue models helps you promote financial wellness on a wide scale while you simultaneously accomplish your personal and business objectives. Whether you want to start a financial education campaign from scratch or expand an existing initiative, the NFEC has a turnkey system to achieve your goals.

Organized around three core pillars – education, awareness, and sustainability – the NFEC provides support and offers flexible solutions for organizations to bring financial literacy campaigns to their communities. Learn more about each pillar below:


Education Pillar Details
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Awareness Pillar Details
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Awareness (Online)

Awareness (Online) Details
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Sustainability Pillar Details
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Community Campaign Overview

The Campaign was designed to reduce the investment, personnel, and time required to develop an evidence-based financial education initiative. This package saves your organization years of time and development costs while positioning you as the advocate and leader who brought a national financial education program to your community.

By becoming a Patron, your organization will receive tremendous buzz, a deeper connection with your community, exposure to new customers, media exposure and goodwill. Additionally, you will be providing a valuable service to your fellow citizens – empowering people with practical financial skills that can positively impact their life and the lives of those in your community.

Before the NFEC, the benefits of a comprehensive financial literacy initiative were only available for large institutions with lots of investment dollars. Now they are available to all organizations with a desire to have lasting impact on the lives of their community members. Complete the form on the right hand side of this webpage or contact us now to learn more.

Bonus: Your Community Leadership Supports National Efforts

Besides bringing a comprehensive campaign to your community; you are helping move the global financial literacy movement forward. Becoming a Community Patron helps our efforts to expand and improve programming. The NFEC invests portions of your financial gifts into funds aligned with the National Strategy.

Your generosity funds key ingredients toward a national solution, including state-of-the-art education, widespread awareness about the financial literacy movement, and the creation of sustainable, scalable programs that ensure long-term success at raising the financial capabilities of citizens around the world.

The NFEC is an independent, for-profit financial literacy council with a social enterprise business model. This structure gives us the freedom to deliver unbiased financial education and fund projects with the greatest impact. Social responsibility, conscious capitalism, and free enterprise are the fundamental principles underpinning our teachings and overall business model.

Besides providing you a turnkey financial education solution, the NFEC allocates a portion of your endowment into these 4 funds:

  • Social Enterprise Fund. The NFEC developed the Social Enterprise Fund to help organizations in need of in-kind donations and connections to funding sources. Your investment helps us support organizations in financial need.
  • Innovation Fund. The NFEC is has been recognized for its industry innovation and leadership. This fund supported development and sharing of the Framework for Teaching Personal Finance, SavingsFund, Financial Literacy Testing Center, workshop packages, Financial Literacy Framework & Standards, and other innovations distributed complimentary to the masses.
  • Awareness Fund. Your support of the Community Campaign funds NFEC awareness initiatives, including expansion of core promotions (Financial Educators Day, PSA campaigns, Family Savings Challenge, etc.), enlisting celebrity supporters, media purchases, and new awareness innovations.
  • Investment Fund. The NFEC invests in companies aligned with our long-term strategic vision. Becoming a Patron allows us to secure opportunities in alignment with the National Financial Capabilities Strategy that expand the impact of global financial literacy opportunities.

For those looking to make a real, measurable impact on the financial capabilities of citizens – the NFEC is the best choice for your investment. Our programs cost less per student than most financial literacy programs, and we lead the industry in creating mainstream awareness. When you invest with the NFEC your dollars make a bigger impact.

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