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College Money Management Campaigns

Student taking college money management courseThe benefits of a college money management program extend well beyond helping students. The NFEC’s programs also support important university objectives. Colleges have used the turnkey programs to aid student recruitment, reduce student loan defaults, connect with parents, build community goodwill, and attract media attention.

The NFEC’s broad range of college financial literacy products and services can be used as individual resources or combined for maximum impact. The NFEC can design a comprehensive tailored campaign comprised of multiple strategies to enhance reach and outcomes.

The NFEC’s material and training are being used as part of Arizona State University’s campus-wide peer-to-peer training (sponsored by MidFirst Bank), the Wake Technical Community College campus and community outreach campaign (sponsored by SunTrust Foundation), and Penn State Erie’s statewide financial education program.



The National Financial Educator Council’s college-level money management campaigns help universities accomplish a variety of objectives. At the same time, these campaigns empower students with practical knowledge about personal finances. Colleges and universities have used NFEC’s turnkey campaign promotions, education materials, and outreach tools to:

  • Recruit New Students
  • Reduce Student Loan Default
  • Improve Graduation Rates
  • Garner Media Awareness
  • Protect Title IV Funding
  • Build Community Goodwill
  • Raise Funds (sponsorships, grants)


Student Impact

Today’s students face a challenging economic future. Yet the sad truth is that the average college does little or nothing to help prepare young people for the financial “real world.” Most universities do offer some money management resources, but very few students reap their benefits. Since many existing financial literacy programs tend to be boring, fail to connect with students, and/or lack effective promotion, these resources usually reach only a small student segment.

In contrast, the NFEC implements financial literacy campaigns that get students truly interested in learning about money. Targeted branding, marketing, and program designs help the NFEC create engaging programs that move students to take action toward enhancing their financial futures. The result: college money management programs that make a positive, lasting difference in students’ lives.

The NFEC college-level personal finance programs give students practical financial education tools that will serve them through college and beyond. These financial literacy campaigns are designed to help universities accomplish a variety of objectives while they empower current and future students with financial knowledge.

Bring engaging, fun, and interactive lessons to your campus. Delivering compelling, relevant content increases retention rates and makes the process more enjoyable for students and educators alike. The presentation features:

  • Practical Curriculum that Meets Educational Standards: The NFEC’s financial literacy curriculum bridges the gap between real-world application and theory-based education. Students complete practical activities and exercises that will help them manage their finances now and when they move out on their own.
  • Modular Design: The financial literacy presentations are designed in a modular format to accommodate a variety of schedules.
  • Independent: The NFEC’s financial literacy curriculum is not affiliated with any credit card company or financial institution. The NFEC is an independent social enterprise organization and the sole purpose of the material is to improve participants’ financial capabilities.


Presentation Description

While designed to be fun and entertaining, the NFEC college money management programs have high educational value as well. The events, personal finance lesson plans, and materials are aligned with core educational standards. Developed by a team of financial education experts, award-winning educators, and financial professionals, the NFEC package provides practical personal finance education at the university level.

The presentations below include an Instructor’s Guide, Student Guides, PowerPoint, Testing, Surveys, and Multimedia Video Lessons. Receive all 3 presentation packages below.

1) Real Money Experience Multimedia Presentations (*Most popular college presentation). This presentation combines multimedia videos, live instructor facilitation, testing, and practical activities. The 4-Module presentation—approximately 1 hour per module—includes the following classes: Money Management 101, Building Your Credit, Saving & Investing, and Student Loan Debt.

2) Curriculum Package. This package includes more than 80 lectures, activities, and games. The curriculum can be presented as a semester-long program or simply used as a resource—choose from a variety of lessons and personal finance topics to share with students.

3) Real Money Experience Project-based Learning Game. This personal finance game offers students an eye-opening glimpse into their financial futures, giving them hands-on experience making the financial decisions they’ll face after graduation.

4) Online Learning Center. Supplement the presentations with online learning centers or use this as a stand-alone solution. The interactive web-based platform features videos, testing, lesson plans, and real world activities.


Educator Training or Speaker Services

Train a teacher, student, staff member, or volunteer to become a Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI). Or invite a CFEI graduate and active member of the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association to speak at your event.

Certified Financial Education Instructor Training. The NFEC’s Certified Financial Education Instructor professional development class provides the knowledge, credibility, and confidence to effectively teach financial literacy. The program can be tailored to fit state standards and can be delivered as a certified or non-certified professional development course.

Past certified trainers on college campuses have included students, educators, student groups, volunteers, and financial aid personnel—anyone with a passion for sharing the financial literacy message. Upon successful completion of the professional development coursework and testing, graduates are registered as Certified Financial Education Instructors and receive a graduation certificate.

The CFEI coursework has been approved by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards for Continuing Education (CE) credits and is taught statewide through Penn State Erie. Sponsored courses for educators, volunteers, and college students also are delivered through other educational institutions.


“This comprehensive educator training program empowers those delivering the information with the tools to maximize the effectiveness of the coursework.”
Erica K. Jackson, Director Center for Financial & Consumer Outreach Penn State University, the Behrend College


Financial Education Presenters. Are you looking for a speaker or to outsource a trainer? The NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association provides you access to top financial education presenters, keynote speakers, and spokespersons. From high-profile celebrities and award-winning educators to professional trainers who have graduated the CFEI course, we offer top quality presenters to meet your needs and budget.

The NFEC’s esteemed financial education speakers and trainers serve a global audience and are recognized leaders in the personal finance industry. They have completed the Certified Financial Education Instructor training program and met stringent guidelines set by the NFEC. These featured presenters have entertained, educated, and moved participants to take positive action while raising awareness for the financial literacy movement.

Personal Finance Events. Launch your financial education campaign with a bang! Receive access to events credited with “revolutionizing how teaching financial literacy is delivered.” Money XLive (full-production, celebrity event), Real Money Experience (hands-on learning event), and other unique workshops are available for your use (additional investment required). These fun, memorable, and high-profile events help you generate community buzz and student interest.

Receive priority access to educators, keynote presenters, and spokespersons who are members of the NFEC’s Personal Finance Speakers Association. With this level of participation you receive discounted prices for all NFEC presenters.


Awareness: Campus & Community-wide Promotions

The NFEC’s campaign provides a turnkey financial education system for colleges interested in empowering their campus and communities with personal finance knowledge. The campaign provides the resources, training, and promotions to help universities, campus groups, and individual students make a positive difference in the financial wellbeing of others.

This package was designed to help colleges and universities develop sustainable financial education outreach initiatives that help them accomplish a variety of objectives: connecting with potential students, garnering media coverage, raising funds, building community relationships, and reducing student loan default rates.

  • Marketing. The NFEC team delivers co-branded, customized marketing pieces to your organization. The advertisements, fliers, newsletters, and marketing pieces designed specifically for the groups you serve leave a positive first impression and have lasting impact.
  • Media Package. The NFEC will conduct direct outreach to the media in your community, issue pre-approved press releases, and provide you with a list of media contacts. You also will receive a customized media package to help raise awareness on campus and within your community.
  • College Money Management AdvertisementPromotional Campaigns. Join the NFEC in their Back-to-School (August, September) and New Year, New Semester (January) promotions. Receive complete marketing packages, promotions, and outreach material to promote your own campaign. Plus you’ll have year-round access to the print, video, and radio Public Service Announcements developed by the NFEC.
  • Expanded Reach. This Campaign gives you the ability to leverage all the presentation and promotional material not only for students on campus, but for the whole community. Strengthen your relationships with families, elementary and high schools, nonprofit organizations, government offices, and other community groups. (Makes a great outreach project for students and student groups.)
  • Parent Outreach Package. Receive financial literacy giveaways for families to build connections and top-of-mind awareness among your students’ parents. Showcase your dedication to helping students pick up life-changing money management skills while providing educational materials to help parents improve their financial situations too.
  • Partner Outreach Tools. Extend your reach and influence through collaborative partner relationships. Attract organizations that can add value to the overall campaign and connect with schools, religious groups, community organizations, government officials, and other groups of mutual benefit.


College Saving Innovation

Receive the SavingsFund college funding website that features your university. SavingsFund is a crowd-funding innovation that helps families secure their children’s educational futures by providing an easy way for loved ones to give money into a child’s college fund. This is the first crowd-funding website that provides an avenue for college hopefuls to receive money for school while they also receive a high-level financial education.

This leading-edge website allows parents to create a secure profile for their child so friends and family can contribute funds toward their future education. Viral features allow your organization to increase the reach and frequency of messages while offering a unique service that benefits the community. Learn how you can boost your organization’s exposure while helping families save for college.

Experience the SavingsFund website.

“Children who have an expectation to graduate from a four-year college and have a savings account in their name are almost six times more likely to attend college than similar children without an account.”
William Elliott III, Professor University of Kansas School of Social Welfare


Sustainability Overview

The NFEC is committed to helping organizations create sustainable financial education programs. A focus on ensuring the financial literacy campaign’s sustainability can increase the reach and number of people whose lives the financial literacy programs can impact.

Helping schools deliver a positive Return on Investment from various sources—student acquisition, reduction of loan defaults, media exposure, or other important results for your organization—ensures that your financial education initiative will impact the community for years to come.

The NFEC’s mission is directly tied to your success: the more people you reach, the better able we are to fulfill our overall mission. Financial support helps expand the reach and impact of an organization’s financial education initiative. For colleges and universities that seek funding, financial literacy programs offer attractive benefits to a variety of companies and foundations who desire to connect with students.

A few funding options are covered below:

  • Sponsorship Opportunities. Raise funds by bringing a financial education campaign to your campus. Financial companies have a vested interest in supporting such campaigns, and we’ll give you the outreach tools to effectively garner their financial backing. *Please note that the NFEC does not accept and will not allow sponsorships from credit card companies, high-rate lenders, or any other organizations the NFEC deems as not having the best interests of students in mind. Sponsors must have a positive benefit for students and must be pre-approved.
  • Grant Support & Planning. Foundations and other organizations that fund financial literacy initiatives often are looking for successful programs that improve the financial capabilities of the targeted audience. The NFEC has various testing and longer-term measurements that focus on delivering empirical data. This ensures that your organization is gathering the information that foundations seek and may help your organization raise funds through various grants and funding options.
  • On-Campus Collaboration. Maximize your reach and funding options through collaboration with other on-campus offices. Admissions, financial aid, student services, and student activities offices all have a vested interest in bringing a financial education program to the campus. The NFEC provides forms that will help you solicit collaborative funding for your initiative.


Contact us now to learn about the turnkey packages that best align with your organization’s objectives.

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