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CFEC Business & Promotional Resources

In the first part of this course, you built your educational foundation and credibility. Now it’s time to solidify your business model and identify your marketing and funding sources. This step will help you sustain and scale your program so you can continue to help more people.

Many in the financial education space lack clear revenue and promotional strategies that support continued expansion. Becoming an effective consultant requires having a clear business model, online presence, and systems to gain exposure. The NFEC supports your efforts by providing resources and conducting promotions that help you bring a financial wellness program to your community.

Business & Funding: Training, Models & Resources

Having a clear funding strategy and business plan is the cornerstone of any organization. There are recognized best practices for scaling a financial wellness initiative. The NFEC provides you with expertise to save time spent going down the wrong path. Having worked with thousands of organizations, we can provide business and revenue models that align with your vision.

Revenue & Funding Models

Sustainability plans and resources for those who want to lead a financial education initiative, with specialized training and models provided for financial service professionals, banks and credit unions, nonprofits, schools (PK – college), faith-based organizations, and entrepreneurs.

Revenue & Funding Resources

Gain access to funding and revenue resources that will help you scale your financial education initiative. No matter whether you’re an individual or part of a larger organization, you need funding to grow your program.

Brand Development & Expert Positioning

Those recognized as experts in their field receive higher compensation and qualify for more opportunities. We provide the materials and services to ensure that NFEC Certified Financial Consultants have a professional image and brand. Highlighting your credibility and advocacy and demonstrating your professionalism will help you serve your community better.


Established companies have a distinct brand. If you already have a brand, your campaign director will review your overall business presence. For those without a brand, you will receive the materials, training, and resources to highlight your image as a financial education professional.

Online Presence

As a financial education professional, your ‘storefront’ is your web presence. The NFEC builds and hosts your own website that highlights your initiative in a professional manner. You also receive custom webpages on our national site. For those with existing websites – the NFEC provides resources you can add to your site. By the time you graduate, you will have an online image you can be proud of.

Marketing & Communication: Training, Models & Resources

Receive training and resources to effectively communicate with potential clients. These assets include outreach scripts, relationship-building resources, referral materials, and communication funnels to help move leads to clients.

Pitch Presentation

Improve your closing rate with professional pitch presentations that highlight your expertise and give potential clients a clear vision of your offerings.

Marketing Resources

Gain access to 30 predesigned outreach and marketing pieces that can be customized to your needs (direct mailers, flyers, invitations, etc.). Receive online marketing tools, templates, and a fully-produced video that help explain your offerings and process to potential clients.

NFEC-led Promotions

Our graduates leverage the NFEC’s reputation to launch and promote their initiatives. We work with you to secure your online reputation, co-promote advocacy campaigns, and launch media promotions to help you gain momentum.

Launch Promotions

Upon graduation, the NFEC issues a national press release that highlights your accomplishments. The release is sent to 5,800 web sites databases and more than 90,000 registered journalists.

Online Promotions

The NFEC is the leading financial education company online, with over 300 keywords on the front page of Google Search. Our web team provides ongoing online and social media promotions for your program.

Advocacy Promotions

Most publicists will concur that the media loves national stories with a local angle. The NFEC ties your community into our national promotions that garner significant coverage.

Donation Resources

The NFEC donates resources on your behalf to organizations that need support. This support helps build your reputation in the community, while you help others.

Enrollment Information

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