For those who are passionate about empowering people with financial education programming and possess the desire to lead professional-level financial wellness initiatives in their communities – there is now a solution.

Certified Financial Education Consultant

Certified Financial Education Consultants bring a valuable service to their community – professional financial education programming for organizations and groups. They have proven ability to work in collaboration with organizations and communities to promote successful financial literacy initiatives.

CFECs design, launch, and implement professional-level financial education programs, participate in sponsorship opportunities and are leading advocates for financial wellness.

The NFEC provides CFECs a clear system to lead financial education programming to organizations and groups. You receive all the materials and resources that will help you effectively serve your clients.

NFEC Certified Financial Consultant Program: Requirements

NFEC Certified Financial Education Consultants (CFECs) are among the most highly qualified individuals to promote and implement financial education programming. The CFEC course requires 240 hours (Professional Development Hours – PDH) of training and implementation. (24 Continuing Education Units – CEU)

(6 CEUs / 60 PDHs)

(10 CEUs / 100 PDHs)

(8 CEUs / 80 PDHs)

Financial Certifications and Training Center

Our Graduates Support Organizations By:

The NFEC provides you access to a complete turnkey system that will help you lead successful financial education initiatives that benefit you and your community.

Whether you’re a nonprofit, entrepreneur, financial service professional, educator, corporation, or any other individual or entity – we serve you. Our role in this industry is to reduce the cost per impact and build scalable programs. Having local, passionate community advocates is essential to bringing quality financial education programming to areas across the country.

It’s your reputation on the line, so make sure your program stands out.

CFEC’s Participation & Contribution

Certified Financial Education Consultants can serve all ages of individuals through a wide variety of organizations. They bring financial education programming to organizations in their communities, including:









What’s Provided in The Training

What’s Provided in The Training

Program Resources & Enrollment Information

NFEC Certified Consultants are among the most highly qualified educators in the financial education space. They meet the highest industry standards and serve their community by presenting initiatives that improve people’s financial capabilities.

Because the Certifications require personal support and guidance, the NFEC is limiting enrollment. Learn more about the CFEC program – follow the tour below.

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