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Year End Consultation

Financial Education Program Consultation The New Year is quickly approaching, and Financial Literacy Month is only four months away. This is a busy time of year, when people’s focus shifts to planning next year’s programs. Decisions about how to deliver training, overall program design, and how to measure program [...]

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Best Financial Tips

Professionals Share Best Financial Tips They Received as Teens Navigating today’s financial landscape has become increasingly complicated, and money management for teens is a topic rarely covered in a typical public school curriculum. Yet teens and young adults face many difficult financial decisions that will have a powerful impact on their lives ahead. In March [...]

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Youth Financial Futures: Parents’ Burden

Poll: Parents Must Shoulder Burden of Youth Financial Futures Financial literacy statistics clearly show that today’s American youth lack key financial knowledge. But who should be charged to teach our kids how to manage money? In a recent poll by the National Financial Educators Council (NFEC), more than half of respondents said they believe this [...]

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