Life After School Explained – by Jesse Vickey, Andy Ferguson, Nicole Vickey

We have all said it, “I never learned that in school”. There are so many subjects that we are taught, however, that we never, ever use. How many of you have used calculus EVER since school? And when have you found it useful to know the Quantum Theory? Probably never. But there are many aspects of everyday life that school just doesn’t address. The book, Life After School Explained, tackles those subjects. This witty book was the idea of a group of young professionals who discuss, with humor, their experiences and misadventures.

Life After School Explained hits on many financial dilemmas and situations many young people never think about. To a teen or college graduate the term “401k” might sound like it came from a foreign language. This book explains 401ks in a way that is understandable and discusses the simple way to get started with just a small amount of cash.

Most schools do not teach personal finance and lack practical financial literacy lesson plans. Life After School provides guidance that most schools overlook.  It helps you deal with your first day on the job, taxes, credit cards, buying versus leasing a car, and engagement rings. There is even advice on work dinner etiquette. The book truly touches on everything someone who is just starting out will need to know.

Life After School Explained is written in understandable language and kept precise so as not to lose the attention of the reader. The section on everything you need to know about finding an apartment, from dealing with a landlord to knowing who is responsible for repairs, is done in ten pages. No stretching subjects out for quantity; it’s pure quality. Plus the wit, sarcasm and humor of the authors keeps you interested throughout.

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