Book Review: Debt Free by 30 by Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck

Here is the book for those who didn’t start out on a good financial footing. It’s for those who aren’t paying attention to those pesky bank balances. Those who pay minimum on their charge cards or loans. Those who still ask their parents for money to make ends meet. Since this sounds like a majority of young people today, (well, actually most people today) let’s see what Debt Free by 30 is all about.

The financial cheerleaders, Jason Anthony and Karl Cluck wrote this book after finding themselves way over their heads in debt. It can happen to anyone, even those with a good education and a good paying job. Many young adults just starting out are already in debt. Student loans, credit card balances, car payments, rent and furnishing that first place can start out young adults in the red. These two decided “enough was enough” and did something about it. The result of their journey into being debt free is this inspiring book.

There is no need to feel overwhelmed with financial literacy subject matter.  Anthony and Cluck cheer you on to reducing your debt while making it feel less painful. The authors offer many tips on sensible spending, paying off debts and finding out just where all that money you are earning is going. Like those looking for a way out of debt, many feel they don’t have enough free money to invest or pay extra on bills.

Debt Free by 30 explains how to rework your budget to find additional money every month to put towards debt. You need to see the ebb and flow of your finances on paper. Just thinking about what you owe and what you will pay doesn’t work out. There are many online web sites mentioned to aid in your debt reduction goals. The true to life advice on your financial situation offered in this book is ideal for the person first going out on their own and will also help those who’ve been around the block a few times and find themselves in debt.

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