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General Financial Education Book Recommendations

Two Financial Education Books Stand Out to Advise Ordinary Citizens about Money People looking for straightforward advice about handling their personal finances need look no further than two financial education books recently recommended by a group of financial professionals. The first is Simple Wealth, Inevitable Wealth by Nick Murray. The second is The Money Book [...]

General Financial Education Book Recommendations2017-03-08T12:10:42-08:00

Recommended Investment Books

Need Help to Understand Investing? Try these Expert-recommended Investment Books From evolving global economies, to burgeoning technological advances, to shifting energy production – the investment landscape has become so complex that even the savviest investors may become baffled. And for those of us regular Janes and Joes who just want to plan for a comfortable [...]

Recommended Investment Books2017-03-08T12:11:02-08:00

Backbone of Retirement Funding

Investment Forms the Backbone of Retirement Funding In the years since bank deregulation in the late 1980s, we have witnessed the bursting of the dot-com bubble, the Great Recession, and huge bank bailouts. All these combined factors have contributed to the fact that banks no longer pay enough interest on savings deposits to result in [...]

Backbone of Retirement Funding2017-03-08T12:12:32-08:00

No Retirement Plan? There’s Still Hope.

No Retirement Plan? There’s Still Hope – Even for Current Seniors You’ve heard the verdict: if you wait until you’re over 60 to start planning for retirement, you’re in serious trouble. Financial education services experts agree that retirement strategies should start during one’s twenties. But that doesn’t mean there’s no hope for seniors who lack [...]

No Retirement Plan? There’s Still Hope.2019-06-26T15:27:50-07:00

Four Solutions to Developing a Financial Literacy Program

Four Solutions to Developing a Financial Literacy Program Financial problems cause major problems at the community, national, and global levels. To address these issues, an increasing number of organizations have begun to develop and/or expand their own financial education programming. Many of these organizations face the same dilemma: “Should we create [...]

Four Solutions to Developing a Financial Literacy Program2018-06-13T08:21:51-07:00