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Activity Helps Teach about Money

Having Kids Identify ‘Happiness Factor’ in Halloween Activity Helps Teach about Money, Professionals Say As an example of financial literacy games, Cash for Candy offers an excellent opportunity to help kids identify the ‘happiness factor’ in trick-or-treat candy, claims Denise Downey of Financial Trex. That is, for any given object, have kids decide how [...]

Activity Helps Teach about Money2017-03-03T11:52:46-08:00

Teaching Kids Money Halloween

Financial Professionals Weigh in on Teaching Kids about Money at Halloween This Halloween, the National Financial Educators Council and others in the financial education space are encouraging parents to buy back the candy their children collect while trick-or-treating, and to use the opportunity to teach kids about money. We asked a few financial professionals [...]

Teaching Kids Money Halloween2017-02-27T14:03:40-08:00

LinkedIn to Your Dream College

Free eBook Offers Practical Tools for Using LinkedIn to get into the College of your Dreams For high school students aspiring to attend college or university soon, and/or parents helping teens through those daunting college applications, author Troy D. White provides a solution. In his new eBook, LinkedIn to College: Use LinkedIn to get into [...]

LinkedIn to Your Dream College2017-02-27T14:05:24-08:00

American Youth: Don’t Smoke Away Financial Security

The NFEC and Truth Initiative Encourages American Youth not to “Smoke Away” Financial Security The Truth Initiative® is America’s largest nonprofit public health organization with a stated mission of making tobacco addiction a thing of the past. The initiative grew out of the American Legacy Foundation, established as a result of the 1998 Master Settlement [...]

American Youth: Don’t Smoke Away Financial Security2017-02-27T14:12:04-08:00