Vince Shorb Education Reform Advocate

Vince Shorb is one of the nation’s most visible advocates for education reform. His agenda is centered on preparing today’s students for the realities they will face in the real world.

As we progress deeper into the 21st century, our education system continues to reflect the intent of readying students for college and joining the workforce. But public schools largely adhere to the traditional lineup of classes taught since the 1950s, and budget cuts have reduced the number of subjects taught even further. The result is that public education leaves students ill-prepared for the world they’ll face in adulthood and often ignore a critical subject – financial literacy.

“Backward design is an educational method where educators develop programming with the end goal in mind. The school system is completely ignoring this best practices principle. If we want our students to be workers and struggle financially their entire lives – nothing needs to be changed. If the end goal is to have happy, healthy and financially secure adults, big changes are needed. The mandate of financial education is a good start,” states Vince Shorb, NFEC’s CEO.

Today’s students gain real-world benefit from only a limited percentage of the coursework they’re mandated to study, while the educational system neglects to offer material that would deeply benefit the entire student body. Although Common Core standards recognize the need to update classroom technologies for the digital age, parallel upgrades to the standard curriculum are largely lacking. U.S. school systems still teach the same subjects offered six decades ago, a curriculum that includes biology, foreign language, English, grammar, algebra, geometry, world and U.S. history and geography. With the possible addition of computer skills, you’ll find the same lineup in the majority of secondary schools today.

Vince Shorb poses a question for the U.S. government and the public school system – should current educational mandates continue to place primary focus on subjects that will help a small proportion of students or serve the vast majority of students across the long-term? “Financial education is a cornerstone subject that will help 100% of the student prepare for the financial realities of life,” states Shorb.

Vince Shorb Education Reform Advocate

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About: Vince Shorb, CEO of the National Financial Educators Council, is responsible for leading the development of standards for financial educators, a framework for learners, and publishing financial literacy curriculum titles representing more than 400 hours of in-class presentations; Shorb also led creation of the first national speakers association for financial educators and a certification program that supports the effective dissemination of financial literacy information.