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PFSA – Michael Costigan

PFSA – Michael Costigan 2017-02-03T11:43:09-08:00


Michael Costigan – “Millennial Advocate”, Speaker & Financial Literacy Advocate


Don’t Conform – Live Your Own Life

Michael Costigan Personal Finance Speaker

Many teens think the surest way to success and happiness is conformity. Michael wants to change that for your teen audience because it simply isn’t true. He experiences teen life first hand just as all other people his age are. The social and peer pressures, identity and self esteem issues, bullying… the list goes on. Things weren’t all smooth sailing for Michael, along the way he hurt relationships and made many mistakes, but inevitably he found the path he wanted to follow, and now he wants to help teens overcome the same challenges he faced. Michael strives to empower teens with not just motivation, but practical first hand knowledge. He wants to share with teens the very same guidance and experiences that have shaped him and enables him to live his life for himself and not according to someone else’s plan. Michael captivates and entertains any teen audience to the best of any speaker’s ability because he was recently a teen himself.

Michael Costigan On Becoming a Young Entrepreneur
Learning from all the phenomenal people that Michael has makes his experience more than just an incredibly lucky ride for him, it’s been invaluable to his success and who he is today. This is his chance to share that information, to give to you the knowledge he has acquired thus far. He is not holding anything back. He will talk about basic strategy for starting your own business, all the way up to deciding who to hire and how to balance work, school, and yes, even a social life.

Grades, Jobs, College – What Really Matters and What Doesn’t
We live in a society where getting into college is everything. Grades are everything, and learning is a second priority. The speech discusses education from a high school level up. From getting ahead of your peers, picking the right classes, and to getting into honors courses, to internships over the summer, college letters of recommendation and learning to build your personal resume.

Teens Online — What You as a Parent Need to Know
Michael’s a typical teenager. In this presentation he will de-mystify the social phenomena that teens are using. Whether it be Twitter or Facebook or Formspring, he will help make sense of them all, what they are, how they work, and what they do.


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