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Max Jaffe

Financial Services Professional & Financial Literacy Advocate

Max Jaffe

Personal Notes

My promise is to help folks understand how money works; how it is earned and how it is spent. Additionally, you will gain knowledge about the economy and the basics of how it works so you can navigate more effectively through it.

I will help you understand the intricacies of personal cash flow which will lead to better financial habits and get you on track to pay off debt and start saving so you can retire comfortably.



At the age of eight, Max had it all! He could roam on five acres of property on which his 8,000 square-foot home sat. Then, his father’s oil exploration business almost went bankrupt. Max’s lavish lifestyle ended suddenly and his life changed drastically.

Gone were all the trappings of a privileged, spoiled rich kid. Since Max had no money, he took it upon himself to learn how it worked, so when he was able to earn a few bucks, he could keep more of it.

Max fills the gap created in our society around personal finances, as it is not taught in school and parents usually don’t teach it to their children. By understanding personal finances and learning to spend wiser, you will then have more certainty in life and a clearer mind, which helps with relationships, as well as the work environment.

As a graduate of The University of Virginia with a B.S. in Accounting, Max went on to work for PriceWaterhouse, and subsequent to that, spent 15 years as Treasurer for a London-based real estate development firm. He went on to create a business in professional speaking, helping others understand about money. He holds a patent on a personal budgeting method, which he uses to help folks get on track with their spending so they can enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Community work is a large part of Max’s life. For ten years he was a volunteer swim coach for Special Olympics and is founder and President of DME Exchange of Dallas, a non-profit that collects durable medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, sanitizes it, refurbishes it, and distributes it to those who cannot afford it.




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